1) Metallic bonding
Noble gas has full atom shell, the atom is stable.
Metals - One the left hand side of the periodic table. They all conduct electricity (1-3
Non-Metals - On the right hand side of the periodic table. (more than 3 electrons)
Metalloids- Elements present in between metals and non-metals
Ionic bonding:
An ionic bond is formed when a metal atom bonds with a non-metal atom.
Metal atom loses those 1 or 2 or 3 electrons from the outermost shell.
Remember, atoms are neutral.
When electrons (negative charges) are lost, positive charges dominates and the atoms
becomes positive ion.
Non-Metal atoms gain electrons to make the the outermost shell full.
When a non-metal atom gains electron (s), the become negative ion.
Once the ions are formed, they attract each other (+ and - attraction). This attraction of
positive an negative ions is called ionic bonding.
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