Top picture: “This image shows two boys, both aged 13 years. The one on the right was
vaccinated in infancy, the other was not vaccinated. They were both infected from the same
source on the same day. Note that while the one on the left is in the fully pustular stage, the one
on the right has had only one or two spots, which have aborted and have already scabbed.”
Below: “Two sisters infected with smallpox on the same day from the same source. Right: Girl
aged 21 years, vaccinated in infancy. Left: Girl aged 15 years, unvaccinated.”
Source: The 1901 Atlas of Clinical Medicine, Surgery, and Pathology, published by Dr. Allan
Warner who photographed a number of smallpox patients in order to study the disease.
Sumber: Hashem Al-Ghaili