Dr. Someone
ENC 1101
Project 1.1 Deliverable:
A citation, reverse outline, and summary of a public writing source
APA Citation
Preserving Our Natural Resources for the Future. (2012, April 18). Retrieved from
Reverse Outline
A. The Forest County Potawatomi Community (FCPC or Tribe) is a US Tribe
with about 1500 members. It is located in Wisconsin.
B. The community has puts its proven efforts to ensure clean air, water and land
for future generations.
Fundamental beliefs
A. Topic sentence: They believe in protecting Mother Earth by preserving
natural resources for generations to come
Evidence: This philosophy has led FCPC to become an environmentally
proactive tribe and take a pragmatic approach to ecological stewardship.
A. Topic sentence: Over the past years, The Tribe has implemented many energy
efficiency initiatives to significantly reduce carbon emissions and ensured
efficient energy consumption
1. Since 2007, they have reduced its energy usage per gross square foot by
2. They reduced their corresponding carbon emissions by 20% and more.
Investment in renewable energy projects
A. Topic sentence: In addition to saving energy, they invested in renewable
energy projects.
Evidence: It is estimated that the clean energy produced by these panels will
reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 41 tons per year.
B. Topic sentence: Tribe is developing a biogas cogeneration facility that will
use food waste to produce clean, renewable energy.
Evidence: This will produce approximately 2.0 MW (MegaWatts) of
electrical power per annum
Procurements made by Tribe for renewable energy
A. Topic sentence: The Tribe buy enough green energy to offset total of the
electricity usage at all its facilities
Evidence: They buy nearly 55 million kwh of renewable energy per annum
from certified wind-energy facilities in US.
Planned Development Projects
A. Topic sentence: The tribe in introducing projects that has reached national
level success and is producing hundreds of jobs for people.
Evidence: The redevelopment of Tribe’s historic Concordia Trust Property
located in Milwaukee’s central city, as well as construction of new hotel
project are creating hundreds of jobs.
Rhetorical Summary
The article “Preserving Our Natural Resources for the Future” posted on “Obama white
house archives” website and written by author Harold Gus Frank, describes the initiatives and
success of The Forest County Potawatomi Community for ensuring a clean and sustainable
Earth. Harold supported his claim by citing examples of many energy efficiency initiatives
and programs that Tribe has taken to reduce carbon emissions and protect earth. The author’s
purpose is to prove that corporate environmental leadership makes sense, both for business
and for American communities. He is being recognized as the Champion of Change for his
community’s successful efforts to ensure clean and sustainable environment for future
generations. The author’s intended audience are the internal and external stakeholders that are
working practically with Tribe to produce and make efficient use of energy and reduce
carbon emissions.