The Mole

The Mole
Honors Chemistry
Are these moles?
What is a mole?
A unit of measurement
Since the numbers in chemistry are so small,
we use a “preferred unit of measurement”
(mole) to represent the small number
What are the units of measurement?
"that equal number" of atoms arbitrarily chosen.
the number of atoms in the atomic weight in g of any
the number of atoms in 16 g of oxygen, in 4 grams
of He, in 32 g of sulfur, etc.
the number of molecules in the molecular weight, in
grams, of any compound.
the number of molecules in 18 g of water, in 40 g of
lithium carbide.
Much later, a mole, that equal number, was found to
be 6.022 x 1023(representative particles).
1 mole (or abbr. mol) = 12.011 g of Carbon
1 mol of Carbon = 6.02 x 1023 atoms of C
1 mol of H2O = 6.02 x 1023 molecules of
1 mol of NaCl = 6.02 x 1023 units of NaCl
Figure 8.1: All these samples of pure elements contain the
same number (a mole) of atoms: 6.022 x 1023 atoms.
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Moles in mass
1 mole can equal the atomic weight of an
1mol of C = 12.011g of C
1 mole can equal the atomic weight of a
1mol of CO = 12.011g of C + 15.99 g of O
= 28.0 g of CO
Group Whiteboards
How many grams are in 1 mol of
Dinitrogen monoxide?
**How many mols are in 100g sample of N2O?
Warm Up #8
How many grams of Cu are in 1.20 mol of
How many moles are in 70g of Cl?
Moles in compounds
Let’s say you have water aka. H2O
How many moles of Hydrogen atoms(ions) are
in water?
 Ask yourself how many individual atoms of
Hydrogen do you see in water?
 Did you say 2???
 Is that your final answer?
 You are correct! So how many mols of
Oxygen atoms do you see?
Moles in an equation
2 H2 + O2  2H2O
How many moles of Hydrogen molecules are in
the reactants?
*Coefficients serve as the number of moles too!
Therefore, there are 2 mols of Hydrogen gas
Mole Conversion
Mole Conversions
Mass to mole or vice versa:
How many moles are in 24 g of Carbon?
Look at the boomerang:
Start with the given: 24 g (mass) of C
What do you want in the end? Moles of C
Use the conversion factor given:
1 mole
Atomic mass
24 g of C x 1 mol of C = 2.0 mol of Carbon
12.011 g of C
Brain Teaser
Given 200 g of water, how many molecules of
water do you have?
How many liters of carbon dioxide are in 1.5 x
10^33 molecules of carbon dioxide?
More conversion
Mole to particles or vice versa
How many atoms are in 2.00 mols of Carbon?
Look at the boomerang:
Where do you begin? (the given: mols)
What do you need in the end? (atoms: particles)
What’s the conversion factor?
6.02 x 1023 Atoms of C
1 Mols of C
2.00 mols of C x 6.02 x 1023 atoms of C = 1.20 x 1024 atoms C
1 mol of C
White boards
How many molecules of oxygen gas are in
3.0 mols of Oxygen gas?
 How many mols of Oxygen gas are in
4.67 x 1024 molecules of Oxygen gas?
Final conversion!!!
Mole to moles of atoms or vice versa
If you have 2.00 mols of water, how many
moles of hydrogen atoms are there?
Look at the boomerang:
Mols  mols of atoms(ions)
CF: mols of H+ atoms
mols of water
2.00 mols of H2O x 2 mols of H+ atoms =
1 mol of H2O
= 4.00 mols of H+ atoms
Final conversion!!!
Mole to Volume (gas) or vice versa
Any gas at STP (standard temperature and
pressure) has a volume of 22.4L per mole
Look at the cloud chart:
Mols  volume of gas
CF: Moles of gas
22.4L of gas
Ex. How much volume of gas is in 5.00 moles of H2?
5.00 moles H2 x
22.4 L of H2
1 mole of H2
122 L of H2
Rally table
Must show work (dimensional analysis)
How many grams are in 1 mol of Mercury?
Given a 1.5 mols of carbon dioxide, how
many molecules of carbon dioxide do you
Given 3.00 mols of carbon tetraflouride, how
many mols of Flourine atoms are there in a
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