Google Quest - Intro to Google

Your chance to investigate what .
1. On the desktop,
a. find the ​launcher​ and draw a picture of it here:
b. Next click All Apps, then click and drag one app that you use often all the way down the
the bar at the bottom of the screen called the ​Shelf​ (called the Taskbar in Windows and
the Dock in Mac)
c. The Shelf is where your locked apps reside and are quickly accessible, it is also where
any new apps you are using with appear. To the right is the Account settings menu. List
three options from that menu and what you, personally, can use them for:
2. Click on the chrome browser
Web, the internet).
(A ​browser​ is an application that accesses the World Wide
a. Name at least one other browser that exists besides Google Chrome:
b. With all browsers you have some similarities. Identify each of the following and draw
what it looks like or give a good description of it.
Reload/Refresh button
Address Bar
Menu button
c. The Menu button (hovering over this will say “Customize and Control has just about
every tool you need to manage your Chrome browser. This is heavily integrated into
what a user can do on a chromebook.
Skipping all the way down to History, you have a great tool for looking for old
websites you’ve been to but did not bookmark it. Type the word “typing” into your
Search History box, what is one of the sites you’ve been to using this keyword?
Downloads for a file (music, document, video, etc) that you take off the internet.
The opposite of this is upload. When you are putting a file from your computer to
the internet like a profile pic, you are uploading.
Bookmarks are exactly what they sound like. A way to get to webpages saved for
quick access. When you are on a webpage you like, what is the symbol you click to
bookmark that page?
Pick 3 other options on the Menu and explain what they each can do for you with a
real life example:
d. The Menu button also contains “More Tools”: Here you’ll find the option “Extensions”
click that, scroll to the bottom of the page