(1) Is nutrition-related (*) and fits into one of the following areas: (A) Improve Your
Food & Beverage Choices, (B) Improve Your Nutrition Knowledge & Skills, or (C)
Improve Your Relationship with Food.
(1) Is Healthy (*) (2) Focuses on a behavior, habit, goal, project, or activity that's within
the participant's ability to learn and/or do (3) Is not focused on body weight or size (4)
Does not include fad diets or dieting behaviors.
(1) Evidence of meaningful time spent learning something and/or doing something (2)
Total time investment is 2 hours or more over a 2-week period (3) Evidence of active
learning or action during Week 1 and Week 2 (rather than one week only).
(1) Evidence of personal learning, growth, and improvement (2) Includes a baseline, a
plan, some research, and a method for tracking progress (if applicable) (3) Information
or research that is cited is from credible sources and links are included.
(1) Question prompts are each addressed and provide requested details (*) (2) Written
Responses = 200 Words (Min) - 600 Words (Max) (3) Audio or Media Submissions = 2
Minutes (Min) - 6 Minutes (Max).
(*) = Required criteria. Minus
20 Points for any submissions
that aren’t nutrition-focused.
(*) = Required criteria. Minus
20 Points for any submissions
that are unhealthy or risky.
Minus 5 points if one or more
areas is insufficient or missing.
(i.e. - 5 if time isn’t reported)
Minus 5 points if one or more
areas is insufficient or missing.
(i.e. - 5 if no baseline is given)
(*) = Minus 5 Points for each
prompt not fully answered,
Minus 5 if too long or too short
See Page 2 for additional details and examples for each area.
How do I submit a Healthy Habit (as a Text Entry, Google Doc, or Media File)?
See this Video Tutorial, 4:30 ( or
Canvas Guide (
How do I double-check my submission or resubmit It (before the due date)?
See this Video Tutorial (, starting
at 2:58 minutes in.
How do I view my score, the rubric, feedback or comments from my TA?
See this Video Tutorial, 3:43 ( or
Canvas Guide (
NUTRITION-RELATED. Examples of healthy habits that are NOT nutrition-related and won’t work for this class
include sleep-related goals, physical activity goals, weight lifting, meditation, smoking cessation, cleaning your
room, learning CPR or first aid, etc.
HEALTHY & BEHAVIOR-BASED. Healthy Habits need to be safe, reasonable, science-based, and aligned with NDFS
1020 principles of balance, variety, moderation, and mindfulness. Examples of NON-healthy habits include dieting
(Keto Diet, Intermittent Fasting, etc), eating contests, promoting or selling supplements or nutritional products,
and other activities or behaviors that are not aligned with the principles taught in this class.
TIME & EFFORT. Please tell us how much time you spent on your Healthy Habit (per day x # of days or per week for
Week 1 and Week 2). The total time needs to add up to 2 hours or more. If you spend time on your Healthy Habit
during Week 1 but not Week 2 (or vice versa), you will lose points. You need to log time each week.
LEARNING, GROWTH, & PROGRESS. Please include the 4 things below for Healthy Habits that are focused on
changing or improving a behavior (i.e. Drink More Water, Start Eating Breakfast, etc). Not every Healthy Habit
option will require a Baseline and/or Record but many will.
A BASELINE. A baseline is your starting point. Tell us where you were at the beginning of this 2-week
period and where you wanted to be by the end.
RESEARCH. Provide information or research from at least one credible, science-based source to justify your
healthy habit. See the Healthy Habit Resources Page on Canvas for examples. Please include links to any
sources that you cite. Chapter 2 (in our textbook) focuses on how to find credible sources and evaluate
nutrition information.
A PLAN. Talk about the plan you made at the beginning of this 2-week period. Include a detailed
description of the strategies and behaviors you thought about and put into practice and any changes or
adjustments you made along the way.
A RECORD. Show us how you tracked your progress and what you did to improve. Talk about any changes
you noticed (physical, mental, emotional, financial, etc) and document your successes, challenges, and
thoughts. One option (for tracking dietary changes) is to keep another food record and create a new profile
in the NutritionCalc Program. Other apps (like MyFitnessPal) could also be used.
SUMMARY & SUBMISSION. These are the 4 prompts (questions) you will need to respond to at the end of each 2week period. They are posted for each Healthy Habit assignment on Canvas (along with submission details).
(Q1) AN OVERVIEW. Briefly describe your Healthy Habit. Explain WHY you selected it, what you hoped to
accomplish, and what your PLAN was. If your Healthy Habit was focused on changing a behavior, please
also provide a BASELINE (your starting point).
(Q2) WEEK 1. What did you DO? What did you LEARN or NOTICE? How much TIME did you invest? Please
cite any articles that you read or RESEARCH that you found.
(Q3) WEEK 2. What did you DO? What did you LEARN or NOTICE? How much TIME did you invest? If
applicable, please include a visual or written RECORD of your progress.
(Q4) EVALUATION. Overall, how did this Healthy Habit go? Are you planning to build on it or work on
something else for the next 2-weeks? Describe your NEXT STEPS and plan.