9.4 Wksht 1.6 Helium Applet (1)

CHM1045 U08: Helium Interaction Applet
September 4, 2018
Task Manager:
Here we are going to build upon the ideas from last week with how potential and kinetic
energy changes as two objects approach. In this case we are now talking about an isolated
system containing two helium atoms interacting.
Go to:
Click next at the top of the screen to go to Page 2
1. Take a minute to examine the potential energy curve shown. Reflect on why the
potential energy curve is drawn this way and how this relates to what we did in
class last class period.
2. What kinds of energy do the various energy “meters” and graph record? What is the
relationship between all these types of energy?
3. Why does the potential energy go down as the atoms begin to approach?
4. What happens to the kinetic energy as the helium atoms begin to approach? Why?
CHM1045 U08: Helium Interaction Applet
September 4, 2018
5. What happens to the total energy as the helium atoms begin to approach? Why?
6. What happens to the potential energy as the two atoms get really close together?
7. Now click on the “lose energy” button. What happened?
Click “Next” and go to Page 3. Explore with this page and use it to further help you answer
Questions 1-6 if needed.
8. Click “Next” and go to Page 4. Now you have multiple helium atoms moving around
(lighter shading) and two helium atoms that are your system you are looking at
(darker shading). What do you initially notice about the two helium atoms? (Hint
where is the potential energy located on the graph and what does this mean in
terms of the interaction between the two helium atoms?)
9. Now raise the temperature, what happens to the system of the two helium atoms as
you raise the temperature? Explain how this happens.
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