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WAN Technologies
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Researching WAN Technologies
It has machines dedicated to the execution of user programs.
It has elements of data switching such as routers.
The transmission of data is usually by optical fiber and satellites.
Sometimes WAN networks are built especially for some company
that has offices in various parts of the country or continent.
It extends over a wide geographical area.
What is a dedicated line and what does it allow?
A dedicated line is a reliable and secure solution for connecting
different locations, which also allow access to the Internet if
desired. In this way, the need for data and voice transmission
between those geographically dispersed offices and the central
office is solved, defining a closed group with mesh or star topology.
Since it is becoming increasingly important for companies to have
high quality access with the Internet and its delegations, a
dedicated access line (which is a dedicated line) allows high quality
and availability based on SLA contracts (Service Level Agreement)
that guarantee a certain level of availability.
Dedicated lines offer benefits to companies, such as:
Service Level Guarantees (SLAs).
Great capillarity in the metropolitan area.
High availability of service.
High flexibility, being able to increase bandwidth quickly.
What is a WAN network?
In computer science, it is called WAN network (Wide Area
Network, Wide Area Network) to the largest computer
connections, that is, the most comprehensive and fastest,
which cover a large geographical portion of the Internet.
planet, when not the whole world.
WAN networks incorporate several smaller networks into
one, interconnecting users separated by enormous
distances, with higher transmission rates and with different
levels (layers) of data.
This implies the need for machines dedicated entirely to the
execution of user programs (hosts), the presence of routers
and switches, or the use of sub-network masks to connect
several hosts.
WAN network types:
WAN networks can be of different types, for example:
WAN network by circuits. These are telephone dialing
networks, which receive the full dedication of the
bandwidth while using the telephone line, but they are
slow and occupy the telephone line.
WAN network per message. It consists of computers
(switches) that accept traffic from each of the
terminals in the network and manage the flow of
information through messages (and information in the
header thereof) that can be erased, redirected or
automatically answered.
WAN network by packages. The information in these
cases is divided into small parts (packages) and once
they arrive at their destination they are again
integrated into the original message.
WAN networks promise to be the technology of
computer integration of the future, which allows even
more instant communication at all levels of various
sectors of the day to day (work, leisure,
documentation, purchases, etc.).
The Internet allows connection to a huge set of data online.
A perfect example of a WAN network is the Internet, also
known as the World Wide Web, which allows the connection to
a huge set of data available online, from anywhere in the world
that has an access point and an ISP (Internet Service Provider,
"Internet Service Provider").
The same applies to national banking networks, which
administer secret financial information, or to subscription
television networks, which use satellites and other mechanisms
to issue a pay signal to subscribing households.
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