Virtualization White paper

Running head: Virtualization: Current Benefits and Future Potential
Virtualization: Current Benefits and Future Potential
Chukwuma Francis
Herzing University
Virtualization: Current Benefits and Future Potential
Virtualization requires a powerful set of technology be it hardware or software. “For four
decades or more, the mainframe has been the premier place to implement virtualization -- but in
that period, the definition of virtualization has shifted, and its importance has increased,
dramatically. Now, virtualization is primarily about disconnecting the application (and
infrastructure software) from the hardware platform -- and, paradoxically, this has made the
mainframe a more valuable and more applicable platform than ever” (Mainframe virtualization:
Old friends are often best, n.d). Server virtualization has been used for decades. Storage and
network virtualization have also demonstrated advances. Fast improvement in IT and the need to
lessen power consumption are the reason why virtualization has been demanded.
Storage virtualization can help with the outcomes of enormous information development
and its effect on the corporate IT framework, for example, consistent assets depleting
information developments and capacity changes. Server creation and extreme power utilization
can be tended to by server virtualization, while organize Virtualization merges correspondence
structure without trading off access controls that ensure delicate data.
Virtualization accomplish these advantages by giving intelligent portrayals of physical
assets, evacuating asset restrains and enhancing use. Connected to servers, systems and capacity,
virtualization underpins the execution objectives of an undertaking/organization while
controlling expenses and improving foundation the executives. These advantages make
Virtualization an imperative key and strategic choice. Virtualization's advantages increment as its
sending is stretched out crosswise over big business/organization foundation, making the
Virtualization: Current Benefits and Future Potential
utilization of virtualization a strategic innovation choice that satisfies over and over.
Virtualization: Current Benefits and Future Potential
Mainframe virtualization: Old friends are often best. (n.d.). Retrieved from
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