Detailed Lesson Plan in TLE 8

Pampanga State Agricultural University
Magalang, Pampanga
Detailed Lesson Plan in TLE 8
At the end of the lesson, the student should be able to:
1. identify the sewing equipment;
2. enumerate types of sewing machine;
3. appreciate the use of different types of sewing machine.
Subject Matter
Topic: Sewing
Subtopic: Types of Sewing Machine
Materials: Cartolina, Marker, Double sided tape, Printed Pictures, Sewing Machine Needle,
Bobbin, Bobbin Case.
Notebook in Sewing 8
Method: Lecture - Discussion
Value Integration: Value the importance and uses of different types of sewing machine.
III. Lesson Proper
A. Preliminary Activities
Teacher’s Activity
Student’s Activity
Good Afternoon Class.
(The students will stand)
Good Afternoon Ma’am
Okay, lets pray first
Please lead the prayer
(calls student)
(The Students will stand and pray)
a. Opening Prayer
Lord we are here standing in front
of you praying and glorifying you, we are
here to confess our since and begging
you to forgive every since that we have
done, Lord we thank you that we arrived
here at school safe and sound, for this
day give us more, blessings, strength to
learn, knowledge, and understanding in
order to cope up with the lesson we will
having for today. These all we pray in
Jesus name. Amen.
b. Closing prayer
Lord we are here again praying
and glorifying you, we are here to thanks
that you give us strength, knowledge, and
understanding to cope up with the
lesson, and we thank you that we learn
another lesson again so please lord God
as we go home, please protect, guide,
and keep us safe and sound along the
way home. These all we pray in Jesus
name. Amen.
2.Classroom Management
Before you take your sit, Please pick
those piece of trash under your chairs
and arrange your chair after picking the
(The students will pick the piece of trash
under their chairs and arrange their
Okay you can take your sit.
3.Checking of Attendance
Secretary, Please check the attendance.
Yes Ma’am.
4.Review of the past lesson
Before we start our new lesson, what is (Student raise their hands)
our last lesson all about?
(calls a student)
Ma’am it’s all about Outline Stitches that
emphasize the outline of a design.
Very Good, can you give me the We have Stem stitches, Pekinese stitch,
examples of outline stitches?
and Back stitch.
Very Good. So let’s move on to our next
B. Presentation
Teacher’s Activity
Student’s Activity
Now, before that I have four objects, and I
will show them one by one and you must
identify what are these objects, and if you
answer correctly you will have prizes.
Okay, here is the first object what do you (students raise their hands)
call this?
(calls a student)
Ma’am it’s a Thread.
That’s right, very good here is your prize.
Thank you Ma’am.
Reminder, if you already got a prize by Yes Ma’am.
answering correctly, you can’t raise your
hands again give chance to others okay
The second object what do you call this?
(students raise their hands)
(calls a student)
Ma’am it is a bobbin.
Very good here is your prize
Thank you Ma’am.
The third object, what do you call this?
(students raise their hands)
(calls a student)
Ma’am it is a bobbin case.
Correct! Here’s your prize.
Thank you Ma’am.
The last object is here, what do you call (students raise their hands)
(calls a student)
Ma’am it is a needle
Don’t worry class you will still receive
Okay class let’s start the discussion, in our Yes Ma’am
activity I show you three objects, right?
We have needle, bobbin, and a bobbin (students raise their hands)
case. Where do you think we can use those
(calls a student)
Ma’am we can use those objects in sewing
Very good, yes we can use those objects in
sewing machine which is very important in
any sewing activity.
So let’s proceed to the types of sewing
Let’s have the first one.
Lockstitch sewing machine this is usually
used in homes and sometimes in school. It
is run by foot and may also be converted
to electric power machine.
(a student ask a question)
Next is Hi-speed lock stitch sewing Ma’am what’s the difference between
machine this is used by tailors and Lockstitch sewing machine and Hi-speed
lock stitch sewing machine?
The difference between the two is that hispeed sewing machine is faster to use than
lockstitch sewing machine.
Okay the third is Over edging machine, do ( a student raise his hand)
you have any idea where we use this It finishes the raw edge of the pattern for
Very good
Another is Embroidery machine this is used
in making fancy stitches and making
different kinds of embroidery.
The next one is Button Holer machine from
the term itself; we use this machine to
make a buttonhole in a garment.
And the last one is Button attachment (students raise their hands)
machine; do you have any idea about this
sewing machine?
(calls a student)
Ma’am from the term itself “Button
Attachment”, we use this machine for
attaching buttons in a garment.
Very Good, as what he said from the term
itself we use this for attaching buttons in a
Okay do you have any question regarding None Ma’am.
our discussion?
Are you sure?
Yes Ma’am.
Okay it seems you all really understand, so (students raise their hands)
to sum it up can you give me the
equipment that is important in sewing
(calls a student)
Ma’am its sewing machine.
Very good, can anyone enumerate the
types of sewing machines that we discuss?
(calls a student)
1. Lockstitch sewing machine
2.Hi-speed lock stitch sewing machine
3.Over edging machine
4.Embroidery machine
5. Button Holer machine
6. Button attachment machine
Very good, Now a day, we have a lot of
types of sewing machine we used these
sewing machines to make our work faster
and easy.
In a one-half sheet of yellow paper, answer the following.
Identify the following questions; just write your answers.
1. This type of sewing machine also called Domestic sewing machine.
2. It is a type of sewing machine used to make fancy stitches.
3. It is a type of sewing machine that finishes the raw edge of the pattern for
4. What is the equipment we used for repairing?
5. It is a type of sewing machine used to make a sew hole in a garment for the
Enumerate at least 5 types of a sewing machine.
For your assignment:
 search the types of sewing machine
 give at least 2 types of sewing machine
Don’t include what we discuss for today; it should be computerize; to be passing on
next meeting.
Prepared by:
Christine Joy C. Diaz