10th Grade Sample Essay

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Leon Bridges
Ms. Brzustowicz
World Literature
15 September 2017
Cookies Versus Brownies
Both cookies and brownies have delicious qualities that make them ideal for a dessert or
snack. By examining the features that differentiate cookies and brownies, the reader will be able
to form an educated opinion of which dessert he/she prefers. In the following paragraphs, we will
compare and contrast cookies and brownies by examining their texture, sweetness, and overall
In general, cookies have a crunchier texture than brownies, and brownies tend to have a
softer and cakier texture than cookies. There are several reasons for this difference, but the
overarching reasoning for the difference is the ingredients used in the recipes. Betty Crocker’s
1959 classic, The Cookbook of 1500 Recipes, states, “To create a softer, more delectable
brownie, you must add 8 tablespoons of margarine, 2 cups of milk and 3 eggs. This will impart a
moist, cake-like texture into your brownie” (192). Because brownies contain more liquid and fat,
they have a higher likelihood of maintaining a moist consistency, proving the fact that brownies
are generally softer. Conversely, cookies contain nearly half as many wet ingredients, and nearly
double as many dry ingredients: Crocker states, “To make a perfectly crisp cookie, add 4
tablespoons of margarine, 1 egg, and 1 teaspoon of milk. Use two cups of sifted flour…to obtain
a yummy, crunchy texture” (139). The two pieces of textual evidence show how the ingredients
affect the outcome of the desserts’ textures. Equally important to brownies’ and cookies’
yumminess is their sweetness.
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Both cookies and brownies are sweet, but brownies tend to be slightly less sweet than
chocolate chip cookies. Interestingly, both brownies and cookies contain the same amount of
sugar. In reference to brownies, Anthony Bourdain, author of Just Desserts, states, “Add 2 cups
of white sugar…” (167). With reference to chocolate chip cookies he states, “Add 2 cups of
white sugar to the mixture for the perfect dough…” (Bourdain 150). However, because chocolate
chip cookies also have the addition of “1 cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips,” there is a higher
concentration of sugar in the mix (Bourdain 151). This difference is subtle, but makes a huge
impact on the overall flavor profile of the two desserts. Because brownies have less sugar
overall, their flavor is more delicate, whereas a cookie’s flavor is more intense and sweet. While
texture and sweetness are key to comparing cookies and brownies, their versatility must be
explored in order to fully understand the two desserts.
Finally, by examining the versatility of the two desserts, the reader will be able to make
an informed opinion on which dessert he/she prefers. A dessert’s versatility is important because
the eater will want many different options for consumption after he/she has baked the cookies or
brownies. The Cookbook of 1500 Recipes lists 22 different recipes that call for chocolate chip
cookies (Crocker 178, 198, 200, 209). Some of these recipes include: “Ice Cream Cookie
Sandwiches,” “Chocolate Chip Cookie Cakes,” and even a “Cookie Crumble Milkshake”
(Crocker 178, 198, 209). Crocker only lists seven different recipes that include brownies (156).
Additionally, all seven brownie recipes call for ice cream, which ultimately proves it a far less
versatile dessert, as it appears to only pair well with ice cream (Crocker 156, 161, 170).
Undoubtedly, cookies are a far more versatile dessert than brownies, but it does not necessarily
make them tastier.
Bridges 3
Truly, all factors discussed in this essay contribute to a delicious dessert, but it comes
down to the eater’s opinion on texture, sweetness, and versatility of his/her desserts. The eater
must examine all aspects of the two desserts, and determine which characteristics are most
important to him or her. In conclusion, a baker cannot go wrong with either cookies or brownies,
so grab a cookbook and preheat the oven to 350 degrees!
Bridges 4
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Bourdain, Anthony. Just Desserts. McGraw, 2007.
Crocker, Betty. The Cookbook of 1500 Recipes. MacMurray and Sons, 1959.
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