4.4 - Dilution

4.4 - Dilution
December 6, 2017
9:59 AM
Dilution is the process of preparing a less concentrated solution from a more
concentrated one.
The formula for dilution is
1 = concentrated solution (or stock solution)
2 = diluted solution
Example 1: If 32 mL stock solution of 6.5 M H2SO4 is diluted to a volume of
500mL. What would be the resulting concentration?
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500mL. What would be the resulting concentration?
Example 2: If 45.3mL of stock solution is diluted to a 200mL 0.0300M solution.
What would be the concentration of the stock solution?
Example 3: Ms. Ng has a 1.000L stock solution of copper (II) sulphate
pentahydrate. 100mL of solution is obtained and diluted to a 1.000L 0.500M
solution. How many grams of copper (II) sulphate pentahydrate crystals is
originally used to prepare the stock solution?
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