100 words daily journal

100 WORDS DAILY 2019
Jan 1 – I’m starting this habit!
As I extremely enjoy my job of making 100-word write ups for my group’s Biology
magazine, I decided to continue doing this throughout the year by placing something
significant everyday starting today! This diary has only one rule, and that is to make every
entry exactly 100 words long, no more, no less, even if the event that day is extraordinary,
or if the message is important to be remembered. I’ll try my best not to miss a day, even if
it’s a bad one for me, so that this year long diary will be worth looking back on again.
Jan 2 – My goals for this year
My goals have not been changing throughout the year just for me to be like someone else,
but they always stay related to my main objective which is to be a better version of myself.
It’s not just plainly being hardworking and helpful to others, but for my own, I should be
extra careful and mindful of my doings such that no one will be hurt. No matter how my
performance will be this year, I should not stop myself from improving, because if we see
things going well, then it is the perfect time to strive for the better.
Jan 3 – Never forget the people that helped
Jan 4 – My relatives are leaving
Jan 5 – 260 Biology Flashcards
Jan 6 – Article writing
Jan 7 – First time overnighting in the year
I thought my break should have been relaxing but turns out that I have to sacrifice one night
of sleep as early as during the first week of the year!
Jan 8 – New year, longer exams!
Jan 9 – When I get supported
Jan 10 – Challenge accepted! (EALS LT 1.5)
Jan 11 – Class-free afternoon!
Jan 12 – Am I doing things too hardly?
Jan 13 – Last complete family outing of the YEAR
Jan 14 – Mosaic night
Jan 15 – The stress is OVER!
Jan 16 – Done with all 30 reviewers
Jan 17 – The longest single subject examination
Jan 18 – Business math without calculators