Study Guide for Final

Study Guide for Final
1. Science Fiction
a. Jurassic Park
i. Themes of science fiction
1. Playing “God”
2. Man vs Nature
3. Technology and Artificial intelligence
4. Exploration
5. Creating monsters
6. Scientists
ii. Characters
1. Grant: paleontologist, likes kids, professor, main character
2. Ellie: 24, Grant’s partner, expert in paleobotany, getting married to a
Midwestern doctor.
3. John Hammond: owner of InGen, designed Jurassic park, greedy
4. Ian Malcolm: mathematician, chaos theory, black wardrobe, skeptical
5. Ed Regis: park publicist, annoyed at having to play babysitter to
Hammond’s grandkids.
6. Dennis Nedry: computer technician, greedy, steals dino embryos, hired
by Biosyn, his hacking is responsible for all the problems that arise in
Jurassic park
7. Tim: Hammond’s grandson (11), dino expert, intelligent, used to show
how irresponsible Hammond and InGen have used science, admired
8. Lex: Tim’s younger sister, easily scared and overwhelmed, enjoys
9. Gennaro: InGen’s lawyer, nervous about the Jurassic Park’s progress,
forces Hammond to invite Malcolm, greedy
10. Wu: scientist hired by Hammond to clone dinosaurs, only involved for
the money, doesn’t really care or know about the dinosaurs
11. Muldoon: former big game hunter, primary task is keep the dinosaurs
from eating people and each other, irritated that Hammond won’t give
more firepower, concerned about the raptors and wants them
12. Dodgson: geneticist at Biosyn, hires Nedry, reckless
13. Dr. Guitierrez: American doctor in Costa Rica, believes Tina was attacked
by a Basilisk Liard, finds a carcass matching Tina’s description and sends
it to Colombia University for identification.
14. Dr. Richard Stone: head of tropical diseases, analyzes lizard carcass, and
determines it is not a threat
15. Alice Levin: first to identify the lizard as a dinosaur, though no one
believes her
16. Tina: attacked by a Basilisk Lizard and draws a picture of the creature
iii. Questions
1. What do you think motivated Hammond throughout Jurassic Park?
2. List at least four mistakes Hammond makes in developing his dream
3. Explain “chaos theory” in your own words
4. How is Dr. Grant connected to the Hammond Foundation?
5. Where do the scientists get the dinosaur DNA?
6. Why does Malcolm say the park is an “accident waiting to happen?”
7. Why is the eggshell that Dr. Grant found so important?
8. Throughout the entire novel, Malcolm warns of the impending doom to
the Jurassic Park project. Give three different examples which Malcolm
would feel were a direct result of Chaos Theory.
9. What precautions were taken to make sure the dinosaurs could not
reproduce? What is discovered that suggests otherwise?
10. What is Gennaro’s initial reaction to the park?
iv. Know Major Events
v. There will be a couple response questions about events and inferences (drawing
conclusions) revolving around character motives, judgement calls, and major
events. I will give you several choices, but you will only have to choose two or
three of them.
b. To Kill a Mockingbird
i. Major controversies: black vs white, rich vs poor, young vs old, right vs wrong,
religion vs superstition, what you can do vs what you should do
ii. Themes
1. Coexistence of good and evil
2. Importance of Moral Education
3. Existence of Social Inequality
4. Killing a Mockingbird
5. Perspective
iii. Characters
1. Scout- narrator, 6 years old at beginning, main protagonist, tom boy,
impulsive, inquisitive, rebellious, believes in the good of people, but is
fierce towards people who challenge her, doesn’t lose hope in humanity
despite the terrible events
2. Jem- Scout’s older brother, nearly 10 at the beginning, has high
standards and expectations for people, difficulty resolving feelings when
his expectations are not met, quieter and more reserved than Scout
3. Dill-little older than Scout, summertime friend, imaginative, initiates the
first actions towards Radley house, tends to run away from problems,
4. Atticus- Scout and Jem’s father, lawyer, morally upright, overly
optimistic at times, unshakable hope in mankind
5. Boo Radley- recluse, parents were strictly religious, made a prisoner in
his own home, the “ghost” of Maycomb
6. Tom Robinson-a black man falsely accused of raping Mayella Ewell,
defended by Atticus, shows the white community its own moral
7. Calpurnia- Finch family’s cook and housekeeper, one of many motherly
figures to Scout, one of the few who can negotiate between the very
separate black and white worlds of Maycomb
8. Maudie- kind, cheerful, witty, trusted friend of Scout, holds a strong
moral code, helps children gain perspective on the events surrounding
the trial
9. Bob Ewell- racist, evil, ignorant, suspected to have beaten Mayella then
manipulated her to accusing Tom of raping her, heavy drinker, hold
grudge against Atticus
10. Mayella- miserable, lonely, manipulated by her father, despised by
whites and forbidden from befriending blacks, cowardly
11. Heck Tate- Maycomb’s sheriff, honest, upstanding, asks Atticus to take
the Tom Robinson case
12. Mrs. Dubose- mean, sick, old woman, recovering morphine addict, wins
Atticus’s highest praise
13. Walter Cunningham- poor farmer, part of the mob which tries to attack
and kill Tom in the jail, moved by Scout’s friendly words and leads the
rest of the mob home, respects the Finch family.
iv. Major Events
v. Quote Identification
vi. There will be a couple response questions about events and inferences (drawing
conclusions) revolving around character motives, judgement calls, and major
events. I will give you several choices, but you will only have to choose two or
three of them.
c. DGP
i. There will be a section on DGP where you will go through the weeks’ worth of
labeling the sentence and diagramming. I will give you all the possible DGP
sentences along with their correctly labeled day and diagramming for the
final, so you will know exactly which ones to study.
d. There will be one longer response on the final. I will present you with several choices
and you will choose one to write a two-three paragraph response. These will ask you to
compare themes and characters, look deeper into motives, and analyze different
scenarios revolving around To Kill a Mockingbird and Jurassic Park.