Civil War Project

Civil War Project:
Attention: This project is to be done outside of class on your own time! Please read the directions carefully and fully so
that you receive full credit on this project! This is an individual project and you may receive class time occasionally to
complete this project; however, the majority of the research and reading needs to be done on your own time.
Step one: You are to pick only one of the two options that are listed below. You need to pick the option then report to
Mrs. Edgar which option you are going to proceed with. When it is approved through Mrs. Edgar then you can move
Option 1 - Book Project:
1) Choose a Civil War book to read through fully from cover to cover. Must be an appropriate reading level!
2) When you select a book you will need to take it to Mrs. Edgar for approval that it is a civil war era book and
the events within are relevant to what we are studying in class.
3) Then create a power point presentation that explains in details the plot and conflicts of the book. You will
need to describe the characters in the book and the lessons that they learn in great details! Also describe
what events take place in the book and add additional research with them.
a. Or You can use your reading project (video trailer) But will need to write a 1-2 page summary for Social
Studies class.
4) I will also expect you to go online and learn more about the battles or events that take place within the book
and cross reference the historical accuracy of the book that you choose to read.
5) Then as the final step of this project you will need to report to the class and present your detailed summary
of the book that you read including the extra research about the civil war. The PowerPoint presentation will
need to be a full 10 slides with lots of detailed information that is your own original work.
6) The 11th slide will need to be a complete list of your resources both the book you read and the extra online
resources. I expect a minimum of 3 additional quality resources to be read by you during the research step.
They will need to be in correct formatting through the use of (if you need help with formatting
please ask Mrs. Edgar or Mrs. Thomas before the due date)
Option 2 - Research Civil War person or event:
Choose a person that you find interesting or choose an event that took place during the 1860’s civil war.
Next have it approved by Mrs. Edgar before you continue researching.
You will need to find 8 different quality sources about this person/event and read them thoroughly.
You will need to take notes and create a Prezi or PowerPoint presentation of your research. I expect a high
quality and creative presentation with colorful backgrounds and graphics as well as appropriate use of
5) You will need to be able to answer questions that your classmates may have about the subject matter in
class. If you fail to have strong knowledge of the topic when you present you will not be able to receive full
credit on the assignment. Also the text that needs to be original and in your own words! Anyone who is
caught plagiarizing will receive an F on the assignment.
6) You will be required to have 12 slides on this presentation and each slide should be creative and complete
with quality information about the subject.
7) A 13th slide will need to be your resources and will be in the correct formatting through the use of (if you need help with formatting please ask Mrs. Edgar or Mrs. Thomas before the due date)
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