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 About Me
I was born in Los Angeles,
California and grew up in Moreno
Valley. I am ½ Thai, ½ Ch inese
and I speak Thai fluently.
I attended the University of
California-Riverside and majored
in English. I have trav eled to
Thailand and all over Europe.
My family is small. I am an only
child but I have many cousins and
a large extended family. My dad is
a mechanic and my mom is a
cook. My parents’ work ethic
inspires me to stay h umble and
constantly strive to be better.
I am also absolutely obsessed
with my dogs (pictured below).
` 10 Personal
1. Quick learner
2. Organized
3. Impatient
4. Talkative
About Me
5. List-maker
6. Planner
7. Calm when angry
8. Cleans when
9. Honest
10. Ambitious
Ms. Supabyotin
My Perfect Day
My perfect day would be spent camping in the woods with my friends
during the springtime. Our campsite would be quiet and peaceful. Deep
conversations would be h ad around the campfire as we roasted sticky
marshmallows. I would sleep in for as long as I wished and wake up to
read a good book with th e sunlight gleaming through my tent. We
would spend the day hiking through the beautiful woods and swimming
in crystal clear lakes.
My 2016-2017 Goals
• Books & Reading:
science fiction, historical
fiction, and classic literature
independent “indie” movies,
science fiction, dramas,
thrillers, comedies, etc.
Thes e a re some of m y fa vor it e
piec es of a rt. Jam es Jea n “M a ze”
(a bove) a nd Audrey Ka w asa ki ( below)
My goals this year are centered
on being a happier, more balanced
person. I want to improve both my
physical and mental health. Some
of my goals are:
• Incorporate more fun
activities into the classroom
• Eat healthier and exercise
• Learn to be more patient
• Practice calligraphy and
graphic design