Issues in our Community

How would you feel if you or a loved one was denied a job because you decided not to go to
college? Maybe you would regret it? Maybe you would rethink the decision and go back to college while
being years older than most of the others. According to the New York Times Magazine, “[only] jobs that
do not pay enough to live on [are available to people without much education]” (Desmond). In terms of
finding a well paying job, college is just a necessity. Furthermore, without a high paying job, even though
most people should love you for your personality, it might be hard to find a spouse because people
seeking for a spouse might want someone that could support a household. I live in a neighborhood where
almost every person has a college education. Many people have worked their way from the bottom to the
top, starting from a family with barely enough money to feed their mouths. They have put all their work
into their education and getting scholarships to good colleges and universities, and now they are here,
most living in a mansion with a family and good schools. In addition, as an immigrant from a land where
almost every single person has a college education because college is free, I have a good example of what
you get from colleges. A college education provides better career opportunities because it ensures
well-paying jobs, the services provided need pay, and it create a disadvantage for you in the workplace if
you don’t go.
In order to get a well paying job or at least avoid getting a mediocre job, a college degree is
necessary. Sure, low paying jobs like a cashier or a McDonalds worker do not require any type of college
education, but those two jobs are good examples of jobs that don't pay much at all. Jobs like a lawyer,
which can easily support a household, require a long and tedious degree, but it all pays off. According to
Econ Focus, “The median person with a bachelor's degree earns about $48,000 per year, compared with
$27,000 for a high school graduate” (Haltom). Clearly, the wage gap is huge, and with a college
education, you will probably earn much more that what you payed.
The shelter, facilities, technology, and professors all need to be paid. These services are
something that you would need to pay for at home too, and they are a big chunk of what makes college
cost so much. Therefore, when stating that college is not worth the outcome because of how much it costs,
remember that the education itself does not take all the money, and that if you don’t go to college you will
need to pay for these services anyways.
Lastly, if you are looking for that well-paying job, then chances are all the other people looking
for it too have a college degree. Therefore, if you don’t have one, you are at a huge disadvantage in
regards to getting that job and it will be hard to make up for. Furthermore, “​Regardless of what you want
to do, a college degree will always look good on your resume.” (Lennon). As Lennon states, a degree can
never do anything bad, and it will almost always do you good, even if it isn’t related to the job you are
looking for as it counts as experience.
A college education provides better career opportunities because it ensures well-paying jobs, the
services provided need pay, and it create a disadvantage for you in the workplace if you don’t go.
and you must take all the time you can in your childhood preparing and working towards a
scholarship and a college degree. I’m telling everyone here to seriously consider whether you would like
to be in a situation where there aren’t any jobs you can find because you didn’t get a college degree. So
think to yourself: are you willing to put in the extra mile in order for a better life?
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