civil war project

Due Date:________
Civil War Project
You must complete the following 3 parts:
A) Activity
B) Written Reflection
C) Presentation
A) Pick one of the following 15 activities to complete. *You may choose to
incorporate technology into your project with teacher permission first.
1) Create an illustrated ABC book about the Civil War.
2) Write an informational essay about a famous person who was
important during the Civil War time period. Include a picture/drawing of
the person.
3) Create a 7-10 photo collage (including captions) of a Civil War
4) Cook an authentic dish from the Civil War time period and bring
samples for the class with teacher approval (include the recipe).
5) Perform a song from the Civil War time period by singing or playing a
musical instrument or write your own song or rap.
6) Give a 2 minute persuasive speech about your views on slavery (you
may use note cards).
7) Make a diary and write 5 paragraph-long diary entries from the
perspective of a soldier, soldier’s family, slave, or nurse.
8) Create a replica of a Civil War battlefield. This can be a diorama in a
shoebox or larger on poster board/foam board).
9) Build and demonstrate a game that would have been played by children
during the Civil War.
10) Make a replica of a dress that would have been worn by women during
the time period. You may use a doll for a model!
11) Create a poster about the different uniforms soldiers may have worn.
Make sure to include labels.
12) Make 5 original postcards with Civil War themes (can be battlefields,
people, etc).
13) Create an illustrated timeline with at least 10 significant events of the
Civil War time period.
14) Create a map showing at least 7 major battles of the Civil War.
15) Make a Union flag and Confederate flag by sewing, painting, or other
unique art form.
B) Written Reflection
Please write a paragraph response on a separate piece of paper. Include
why you chose this activity, what you learned, any sources you used, what
went well during the project completion, and any challenges you faced.
C) Presentation
Specific instructions about presentation format will be given by the teacher.
Be prepared to show your project and give a brief overview of your process
for completing it. This should be less than 5 minutes. Practice at home until
you feel comfortable.
Project Rubric
Use this as a checklist as you complete your project.
 Turned in on time: 5 points
 Neatness/Effort: 15 points
Is this your best work?
 (A) Activity Content: 40 points
Are you giving factual information? Does this
activity relate to what you’ve learned in class?
 (B) Paragraph: 20 points
Is it 4-5 sentences in response to the items
listed in section B?
 (C) Presentation: 20 points
Did you use appropriate volume? Were you confident? Did you use eye
contact? Were you able to answer questions?
*Extra Credit may be given for creativity! You may have adult help with tools, etc. but
it should look like your own work.
Project Planning Page
Step 1: Brainstorm possible project ideas.
Step 2: Now pick for sure your top choice.
Step 3: What materials do you need to complete this project idea?
Step 4: What help might you need completing it?
Step 5: Decide your action plan for when you will work on the project.
Civil War Project Score Sheet
Turned in on time
Activity Content
Paragraph Reflection
Final Grade
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