Questions Natural Affects of Factors on Climate Change

Questions: Natural Effects of Factors on Climate Change
1. What is the Milankovitch cycle?
2. What is obliquity?
3. What is precession?
4. What is eccentricity?
5. Describe how the above cycles affect the earth and its climate.
6. Do the Milankovitch cycles occur at the same time?
7. Identify the number of years each cycle takes
8. Complete the sentence. The earth ________________ like a spinning top on its axis.
9. How does the tilt of the earth have an effect on Earth’s seasons?
10. What is El Nino? What is La Nina?
11. What happens to the fish in the ocean off the coast of Peru during an El Nino event?
12. During El Nino, Australia experiences a _______ climate, while South America experiences
13. What is upwelling? (Google it) What is the upwelling of nutrients?
14. How would an increase in the Earth’s tilt influence the seasons in Canada?
A. Warmer summers and warmer winters
B. Warmer summers and colder winters
C. Colder summers and warmer winters
D. Colder summers and colder winters
E. A change in the tilt would NOT affect the seasons.