Bluetooth and wifi

Bluetooth and wifi
Both Bluetooth and wifi are very beneficial technologies. We use both
in our daily lives, for music, data transfer, movies ect. We are going to
go in detail about both of them
Wifi has a lot of advantages. For example, it’s easy and inexpensive to
set up. Wifi works by transmitting radio waves, the computer receives
those waves and transmits them. These transmissions are extremely
powerful there between 2.4 GHZ to 5 GHZ. That’s crazy powerful! It is
identified as SSID. It has multiple points like a router, Ethernet, and
firewall. Wifi was invented by Vic Hayes the father of Wifi.
Bluetooth is a short -range wireless communication technology. This
can replace cables when connecting to electronic devices. It is a
powerhouse. It sends 79 different frequencies. The creator of this
beloved technology is Nikola Tesla a beloved inventor and scientist.
Bluetooth is compatible with a lot of hardware like personal computers,
smartphones, Pcs, and many more. Bluetooth is secure, its encrypted it
does not let hackers see what you are doing.
Wifi and Bluetooth have improved the quality of our lives immensely.
These technologies will improve as the years pass by.