The Sun Also Rises - Book 1 Study Questions

The Sun Also Rises
Chapter I
Why does Cohn learn to box?
List three incidents that illustrate Cohn’s willingness to let others direct his life.
What does the last line of the chapter, “I rather liked him and evidently she led him quite a life”, reveal
about the narrator’s opinion of Cohn? In what way can this statement be considered sarcastic?
Chapter II
What is revealed about Jake, the narrator, in this chapter?
Jake tells Robert that “going to any country doesn’t make any difference…You can’t get away from
yourself by moving from one place to another”. What does this suggest about Jake’s character and his
view of life?
Chapter III
What does Jake mean when he tells Georgette that he is “sick” and got hurt in the war?
How is Brett described in this chapter and what does it suggest about her character?
Chapter IV
Why does Brett consider Jake’s war injury her punishment for being with too many men? How is their
situation an example of irony?
What do you think Brett means when she says the Count is “one of us”?
Chapter V
What facts does Jake tell Cohn about Brett? Why does Cohn not believe Jake?
Chapter VI
Describe the relationship between Cohn and Frances.
Jake is the narrator of this novel, yet Jake breaks away from the story to talk directly to the reader to
confide some information previously left unclear. Find a passage in this chapter where this occurs.
Chapter VII
Why do Brett and Jake not make a life together without sex?
How is the Count characterized? Why does Brett again say that the Count is “one of them”?
Brett tells Jake she will not see him again. Why? How do you think Jake feels at this point in the novel?
Why does Hemingway end this chapter this way?
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