John Thornton

Shayla Torpey
English Honors
Set 3
Final Call of the Wild Essay
March 27, 2018
John Thornton, the coveted, and beloved dog owner in the novel Call of the Wild
by Jack London, impacts all of the lives of those around him. Thornton radiates true
love and affection, never before experienced by Buck. These two characters first met
after Thornton first acted protectively towards Buck when he rescued him from the
perpetual beating that he received from Hal. After kindly rescuing Buck, John Thornton
further proved his devotion by kneeling beside him and feeling him over for broken
bones. This was the first moment that set the stage for the raw, primordial bond
between the two. Taking care of Buck also shows the feeling of selflessness that John
Thornton possesses. Thornton was still recuperating from frostbite which froze his feet
and resulted in a limp and him being left behind while his comrades left to find aid for
him. Thornton is also described as the ideal master towards the dogs choosing to see to
the welfare of his dogs as if they were his own children and never forgetting a kindly
greeting or cheering word. These interactions and long talks with the dogs delights
Thornton as much as it does the dogs. Thornton choice to acknowledge and incorporate
his dogs into an immediate part of his life represents his amiable and compassionate
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