The Odyssey Final Essay

Effective leaders have been present and successful throughout history. Even in
ancient literature such as the epic poem by Homer, The Odyssey, leaders have been
needed and heroized. Odysseus the hero in The Odyssey, portrays many characteristics
that helped him lead his men to victory against many monsters and during many battles.
Many key choices were made by Odysseus during his journey to return home to Ithaca
which proved how great a leader Odysseus was. An effective leader has a strong sense of
loyalty and devotion towards the people they are with, resilience, as well as possessing
the ability to be clever and cunning.
Odysseus was a continuously proved that he was a leader throughout The Odyssey
by Homer by displaying traits that helped both him and his crews’ survival against
terrible monsters, cyclops, gods, and more. Loyalty is a needed quality of leaders that
shows the connection between their men and themselves. Odysseus in The Odyssey
shows the reader during many instances, how strong and valuable the loyalty he has for
his men is. During one instance, Odysseus and his men are washed up on Circe's Island
lacking food and water. Some of his men decide to go foraging and search for food along
the island. Only one of his men comes back from searching for food, frantic because the
rest of the men had been turned into swine by an evil goddess named Circe. Urged by his
remaining men, to abandon the cursed men and leave the island, Odysseus displays his
loyalty to his men by refusing to desert them and leave them with Circe. Odysseus
instead goes after the men himself, determined not to leave them stranded on the island.
Loyalty in a leader shows that they are devoted both to the cause and in the people,
they're working alongside towards a common goal. Odysseus also showed how loyal and
devoted he was to his men after they eat the Lotus fruit and no longer wish to return
home. Odysseus refuses to leave without them, physically forcing them off of the
island.Odysseus wasn't the only hero in The Odyssey. Telemachus, Odysseus' son, also
displayed heroic qualities. He stayed loyal to his father until Odysseus returned, standing
up to the suitors and protecting his mother. Telemachus also proved his loyalty to his
father when he and Odysseus battled the one hundred suitors who were vying for
Penelope's hand in marriage and Odysseus' fortune. Odysseus also shows how devoted he
is to returning home to his wife and son after fighting in the Trojan War as well as slews
of monsters and varying types of battles. Odysseus is truly committed to returning home
which was proven through all the battles, physical and mental, he faced to return home.
When Odysseus faced Polyphemus, a giant Cyclops, he didn't back down which showed
his bravery, and resilience, nor did he waver from the thought of Telemachus and
Penelope which showed his loyalty towards his family as well as the devotion he
possessed at his men and his shared goal: returning home to Ithaca. During his battle with
Polyphemus, Odysseus proved how cunning and clever he was when he told Polyphemus
that his name was Nobody. This showed guile because when he had burned Polyphemus’
eye and the cyclops cried out, he and his men would be safe because Polyphemus cried in
response to his brothers that Nobody, had hurt him and was the reason he was crying out.
Another trait that leaders
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