Personal Mission Statement

For as long as I can remember, I've been playing
soccer. Whether it be a camp, recreational, or a
travel team, the sport has always been an
outlet for me. Soccer is what makes eightyminute games go by in a blink of an eye, and
what can give me enough adrenaline to sprint
and play my hardest during the games. Being a
team sport, soccer has taught me many
valuable lessons such as; how to work together
in order to reach a common goal and to stay
motivated despite the odds. Before the referee
blows the whistle, I recall a specific game to
inspire me to do my best. The game that
inspires me the most is a game I played this past
summer, where the odds against us were
staggering. We weren’t playing on our “home”
field and our team was forced to play nine
instead of the usual eleven. Not all of our team
could make it out to our game so we also
played with players we hadn’t played with, or
practiced with, before. Despite the odds, we
ended up beating the team 4-1. This game
always inspires me to do my best and never give
up despite the odds. This is a lesson that I apply
to my life both academically, and athletically.
~Shayla Torpey
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