Shayla Torpey
Mrs. Gitsis
English 9/Set 3
5 November 2017
“The Lost Adventures of Odysseus”
After returning home to Penelope and Telemachus, it feels as though not a day has
been lost. Celebrations and festivities have begun at my return and daily routines
resumed. The air seems to smell permanently of treats being made and the
atmosphere is buzzing with activity and excitement with the festivities lasting long
into the night for months. When I awake one dreadful morning, I sense a change in
the household noticing how the servants will not meet my gaze and the gloom that
has now settled on my household. I summon my loyal servant, Eumaeus, who
whispers the horrors that went on while I slept.
“A terrifying beast arrived from the sky while you slept,” whispered Eumaeus,
paling at the thought.
“Describe the beast!” I demand. Eumaeus, shaking, obliges.
“It flew from the sky on hooked wings that were powerful and strong. No man could
get near enough to injure the monster as a small flap of the wings blew fifty men into
the sea. The body of a lion with golden fur and muscles bulging from all sides of
itself, destroyed all weapons and men not blown away.”
“What has this beast stolen from me?” I roar.
“Your wife,” Eumaeus cries.
An overwhelming feeling of despair overcomes me making me stagger and cry out,
“Athena! Help me forsake the monster who dares to act against me and dishonor my
I spring into action choosing only the best of my men to aid me in this fight for honor
and the return of my beloved Penelope.
I summon the messenger god, Hermes, from Mount. Olympus, "Hermes! Help me
avenge the men who lost their life fighting this beast who dared to dishonor me!"
Hermes appeared in a flash of blinding white light "Odysseus, who dares to dishonor
you, warrior of the gods?"
"A flying beast from the sky attacked Ithaca while I slept, taking not only my honor
but my beloved Penelope as well," I cry.
Hermes, appearing troubled, replies, "Alas, that is the protector of the King Antinous
and his land, Odysseus. His kingdom has always been faithful in their offerings and
sacrifices, pleasing the gods. I cannot go against them by aiding you in your desire
to strike down and destroy this beast."
"Without the support of the gods, this journey will be fruitless!" I exclaim.
Hermes just shakes his head and disappears without another word.
Disheartened, I sailed in the direction that the monster flew after kidnapping my
"I know these waters like the back of my hand," I think, "there's no known place that
this beast could hide." As I'm thinking this, a mountain appears, looming menacingly
over my ship and crew. As we neared the shores, a thick cloud of mist settles over
my crew and me shockingly dark and thick. As I squint through the gray fog, I spy a
dark figure standing, seeming to be waiting for our arrival, standing on the rocky
"It is I, Odysseus, protector of Ithaca and famed warrior," I call out, "Reveal yourself!"
The figure remains motionless. Enraged, I grab my sword racing onto the shore. As I
draw nearer to the figure, I slow in shock.
"Penelope?" I say incredulously. I rush to embrace her, taking her into my arms. The
figure stayed motionless and stiff.
"What's on your mind dear?" I ask confused.
"I didn't want you to come." She replied quietly.
"I needed to rescue you! That beast dared to dishonor me by taking you!"
"That's the problem Odysseus, you don't act out of love neither for me nor your son
Telemachus. You are motivated only by your desire to preserve your honor. Those
ten years you were at sea, did you remain faithful to me as I did to you?"
Ashamed, I dropped my arms and averted my eyes. That action speaking more than
my words ever could.
"I lived in despair not knowing if you would ever return. Antinous had gladly
stepped in your place when you were missing. At first, I refused him but he became
the man you never were. He not only cared for me, but also his people choosing to
protect him by acquiring favor from the gods and Avel, who you refer to as a beast
came to rescue me."
Shocked I can only stare at her numbly barely comprehending her words.
"And then you killed him!" Penelope said crying angry tears.
I took her into my arms wiping away her tears. I could not leave her, my wife, in this
state. It would bring me great dishonor if I abandoned her when she needed me.
"You shouldn't have come Odysseus," Penelope whispers quietly.
I see a glint of metal from the corner of my eye and then feel a sharp pain through
my back. Penelope stands and I can only watch as I slump to the ground. I lay there
in excruciating pain with my blood staining the ground.
"Good-bye Odysseus," Penelope says.
I feel my eyes lowering, my vision starting to darken, as she fades away.
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