Understand what drugs are.
 Understand that drugs are harmful if used
inappropriately, incorrectly or excessively.
What are drugs?
Make a list of all the different drugs you can
think of.
What do they all have in common?
What are drugs?
A drug is……
…any substance which causes
a change in the way the body,
or part of the body, works.
Cough syrup
Throat sweets
Alcoholic drinks
All of these
contain drugs.
When is it OK to use
Some drugs are harmless when consumed in
Coffee, tea, cola and chocolate all contain
This is a mild stimulant which can make us
feel more awake.
Always take the doctor’s advice about how
much to take and how often to take it.
Overdosing (taking more than the
recommended dose) can make you ill.
Alcohol: The Law
It’s illegal to give an alcoholic drink to a child under 5.
A person under 14 can't go into a bar or pub unless the
pub has a 'children's certificate'.
At 14 or 15 – You can go anywhere in a pub but can't
drink alcohol.
At 16 or 17 – You can buy (or be bought) beer or cider so
long as it's bought to drink with a meal.
With the exception of having a meal in a pub, it's against
the law for anyone under 18 to buy alcohol in a pub, offlicence or supermarket. It's also illegal to buy alcohol in a
pub for someone who's not 18.
Alcohol is a legal drug (in some
countries), but….
It can have harmful effects on the body and
mind if drunk to excess.
As an adult you will decide for yourself IF
and HOW MUCH you want to drink.
Illegal Drugs
Some drugs are illegal because they are
particularly harmful to the body or because
they are particularly ADDICTIVE.
Drug Abuse
When people take drugs which they don’t
really need (i.e. not for medical reasons) this
is substance abuse.
People who do this often become
ADDICTED to these drugs.
This is when drug-taking becomes a habit which
is hard to break.
Once a person becomes addicted to a drug it is
very hard to stop taking it. They feel become
dependent on it.
Some commonly abused drugs:
Sedatives –sleeping pills.
Painkillers –morphine
Hallucinogens –Cannabis
Stimulants –cocaine
Why do people abuse drugs?
Peer pressure.
To forget their problems
How do drugs affect the body?
Someone on drugs can have all sorts of mood swings from
happy to angry, upset, sad, scared, excited, tired or paranoid.
Drug-related Crime and Accidents
Drugs often impair a person’s
ability to think clearly and
make reasonable decisions.
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