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Where's Geode?
Where's Geode?
Use your Michigan map to find out where Geode went on his summer travels.
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1. Geode went to visit the lake closest to Grass
Lake. What lake did he visit? *
2. Geode wanted to visit the rock shop in Honor,
and wanted to stay at a nearby campground.
How many state campgrounds did he have to
choose from that are in the same county as the
village of Honor? *
Where's Geode?
3. Geode wants to go hiking in the Porcupine
Mountains. Should he head towards Oak Grove
or Silver Lake to get there? *
4. Geode wants to explore the Pictured Rocks
National Lakeshore. What highway should he
travel on? *
5. After Traverse City, Geode when on a water
adventure at the White Pine Canoe Camp east
of Grayling. If he was able to travel at 50 mph,
how long did it take him to travel there from
Traverse City? *
6. Geode loves to go dune climbing. What
national park in Michigan could he visit? What
are three towns and two islands that can be
found within the park boundaries? *
7. Geode traveled from his home in Kalamazoo to
Traverse City for the cherry festival. About how
far did he travel? *
8. Geode enjoys sightseeing by car. For the most
scenic route, should he drive from Rogers City
to Cheboygan on Highway 23, or from
Munising to Marquette on Highway 28? *
9. Geode loves to wildlife watch. What state park
would Geode have to stay at in order to be
closest to moose country? *
10. Geode wanted to visit a state park one
Saturday in July. Which state park is closest to
Kalamazoo? What highway should he take to
get there? *
11. Geode went minnow hunting in a creek that
feeds into Hubbard Lake. What creek was the
name of the creek? *
Where's Geode?
12. Geode spent some time exploring the
underwater preserves off the northern coast of
the Upper Peninsula along Lake Superior. How
many are there? *
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