A Job List

ELEC 2111
Lab Job List
Job 1 Safety Training Part I and II
Job 28 Basement Wiring
Job 2 Tool Safety and Identification
Job 29 Second Story Residential Wiring
Job 3 Introduction to the NEC
Job 30 Main Level Residential Wiring
Job 4 Splicing Conductors
Job 31 NEC Requirements for Low Voltage
Job 5 Solderless Connectors
Job 6 Punching Holes in Cabinets and Boxes
Job 32 Wire Resistance and Cmil Area
Job 7 Drilling and Tapping Metal
Job 33 Power Limited Cable ID
Job 8 Knot Tying and Rigging
Job 34 Fishing Cables in Ceilings
Job 9 Electrical Box ID and Installation
Job 35 Installing Surface Metal Raceways
Job 10 Splicing Under Working Conditions
Job 36 Conventional Fire Alarm System
Job 11 NM, UF, and SE Cable Requirements
Job 37 Addressable Fire Alarm System
Job 12 Installing Devices with AC & MC Cable
Job 38 Telephone Cables and Connectors
Job 13 Installation of AC, MC and NM Cables
Job 39 Network Cables and Connectors
Job 14 Using Flexible Metal Conduit
Job 40 Installing Electrical Boxes in Finished
Job 15 Raceways and Conduit
Walls and Ceilings
Job 16 Introduction to Print Reading
Job 41 Private Branch Exchange Installation
Job 17 Installing and Controlling Receptacles
Job 42 Intersystem Grounding Termination
Job 18 Installing Switches
Job 43 Coaxial Cables and Connectors
Job 19 Understanding GFCI Receptacles
Job 44 Security Systems
Job 20 Fundamentals Panel Terminating
Job 45 Access Control Systems
Job 21 Wiring a Recreation room
Job 46 Limited Voltage Systems in Residential
Job 22 Wiring an Attic, Laundry, Bath and Hall
Job 47 Multi-zone HVAC in Residential
Job 23 Wiring a Garage and Outside Lighting
Job 48 HVAC Control Wiring
Job 24 Exterior Wiring Residential
Job 49 HVAC Equipment Lab
Job 25 Required Wiring Kitchen
Job 50 Lighting Control Wiring
Job 26 Bathroom Wiring
Job 51 Tool Crib Attendant
Job 27 Stairwell Lighting and Smoke Detectors
Job 52 Tool Box Talks
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