Accredited Speaker

The Toastmasters International Accredited Speaker Program is designed for
professional speakers who combine expert knowledge in a particular
subject with mastery of the spoken word, making them sought-after experts
in their respective fields. If this describes you, you're invited to apply for the
Accredited Speaker Program.
The Accredited Speaker Program will help you stand out from the
competition by offering you status, visibility and credibility.You'll receive a
professional reference from Toastmasters International and publicity, as well
as potential spokesperson opportunities.
Accredited Speakers receive an Accredited Speaker Pin, Accredited Speaker
Badge and a Letter of Commendation from the Chief Executive Officer.
If you would like to purchase an Accredited Speaker lectern banner (Item 328)
or an additional Accredited Speaker Pin (Item 5908) please contact us
by email.
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