7 ELA Daily Lesson Plans

7th Grade Language Arts
Day 1
Study the painting on p 1. What's happening?
Discuss the Theme of the Collection 1.
Discuss Analyzing Plot
Read “Viewing the Art”.
Have students follow along on pages 2-3 as teacher presents “Elements of Literature” ppt.
Wednesday, September 5
Day 2
Review using the powerpoint. Stop at slide 18, where students must complete the plot diagram
for The Three Little Pigs.
Finish diagram.
Go over student answers, and finish powerpoint slides.
Thursday, September 6
Read aloud p 4 about Retelling.
Preteaching p 5
Have students take turns reading aloud for “Duffy's Jacket”. Stop at designated letter points for
instruction. OR HW Read “Duffy's Jacket” on pages 5-11
Complete through p 7 or 11, depending on time.
Practice the Strategy p 12-13
Have students complete Practice 1 and 2. *Copies of page 13.
Grammar - Give students time to complete vocabulary for lesson 1, complete lesson 1
assignment. If time, have students write vocabulary for lesson 2.
Friday, September 7