MA120- Hui

MATH 120 Fall 2013 Section 1
Instructor: Professor Stefen Hui, GMCS 523.
Office Hours: 815AM-845AM, 11AM-1130AM.
TAs & Office Hours:Kashif Bari and Jeremy Tolley
Office hours to be announced.
Prerequisites: Pass the Entry Level Mathamtics Test (ELM).
Text: Mathematics 120, Calculus for Business Analysis, Special Edition for
Calculator: For the homework, you need one that has the exponential and
logarithmic functions. If you don’t have one already, you should be able to
get one for under $10, or if you have a smartphone, you can download a free
Homework: (10%) To be completed online at the
The exact URL will be announced when it becomes available from the publisher.
Midterms: (20% each) There will be 3 midterms and they are tentatively
scheduled for Sept 27, Oct 25, and Nov 22. These dates are subject to change.
Make-up exams will be given only in cases of documented emergencies. The
make-up exams will be different and possibly more difficult than the regular
Final: (30%) 1300-1500, Saturday, Dec 14, 2013. This is a comprehensive
exam. Make-up finals will be given by the Math department in accordance
with the group final guidelines. The exact details will be announced prior to
the final.
Scrantron: All exams use Scantron F-289-PAR-L form, available at the
Grades: The grades will be determined by a modified curving procedure
with the guarantee that: 90% - A, 80% - B, 70% - C, 60% - D, and below
50% - F.
Some Simple Rules of Courtesy
• Try to arrive on time.
• Do not leave before the end of class except for an emergency; this is
very disruptive to your classmates and is strongly discouraged.
• Turn off the sound on your cellphone. Do not text, web surf, etc, while
in class.
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