Saturnalia Q's From Brandan

1. On what day did Saturnalia begin…?
a. Who cares loser?
b. 17th of December.
c. 17th of October.
d. 17th of January.
2. How did the many walking the streets of Rome greet one another during Saturnalia?
a. Salve!
b. Be well!
c. Salve, Saturnalia!
d. Io, Saturnalia!
3. What was the main theme of celebrating Saturnalia?
a. To celebrate liberty!
b. To celebrate hope!
c. To celebrate midget dwarves fighting women in mock gladiatorial matches!
d. To celebrate the death of Julius Ceasar!
4. How did the annual Saturnalia officially begin?
a. Chuck Norris would fly down from Mount Olympus and roundhouse kick Saturn’s foot
b. The priests of Rome would remove wool wrappings off the foot of the statue of Saturn.
c. The priests of Rome would apply wool wrappings on the foot of the statue of Saturn.
d. The priests of Rome would cut the wool wrappings off the foot of the statue of Saturn.
5. During Saturnalia after the sun went down, Romans would go and their houses and do what?
a. Play Certamen and drink more wine.
b. Netflix N’ Chill
c. Celebrate the philosophical doctrine of the current times while drinking even more wine
d. Randomly choose someone in your group to be the “Saturnalicius Princeps
(King of Saturnalia) and have them make commands that no one could refuse…
6. In the obscure culture that manifested Saturnalia, what food item was anticipated the most for
a. Acorns
b. Sweet Potatoes
c. Olives
d. Nuts
7. During Saturnalia, Slave owners would... To their slaves
a. Beat them mercilessly until they cried “Mater!”
b. Have a battle of wits with two cups of wine, either cup filled with poison and drink.
c. Have their slaves serve them food and starve them until Saturnalia was over.
d. Have their slaves live as their masters and serve them food.
8. On the third day of Saturnalia was the…
a. Feast of Opalia
b. Feast of Mars
c. Feast of Jupiter
d. Feast of Jesus
9. Who was Roman god Saturn’s wife?
a. Call of Duty Black Ops
b. Modern Warfare 2
c. Ops
d. Venus
10. During the third day of Saturnalia, the Feast of Opalia…
a. The large reserves of food they’d been storing up over the year were opened and started
huge feasts....again.
b. All the Romans began to dig underground to pray to the sacred stone Opal.
c. Romans would drink wine until they dropped dead.
d. They played Mo Bamba and took Xanax.
11. Another important aspect of Saturnalia was…
a. The achievement to see who could become the most inebriated.
b. It was Saturn’s Birthday.
c. Lol, they were Romans who cares tbh.
d. The giving of gifts.
12. One of the most prestigious gifts you could receive during Saturnalia was...
a. Apple Earpods
b. Barrel of more wine
c. Coquus
d. Sigillaria
13. In the spirit of Saturnalia, everyone who knew you, and who you knew was expected to receive a
gift also containing…
a. A short personalized note, or poem
b. Pieces of dried meat
c. Saturn’s head
d. 25$ Sears Gift card
14. Anyone traveling door to door with companions and friends was always…
a. Slapped with a albino fish.
b. Given some dried nuts and berries.
c. Told to “get lost” ← *​hey ms.mak it’d be cool if you could make this grammatically
correct latin​*
d. Given a small generic gift
15. A lot of festivities were taking place during Saturnalia which was not?
a. Personalized notes being given
b. Gambling
c. Gift-giving
d. Praying
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