Acid Reflux Home Treatment Remedies

Acid Reflux Home Treatment Remedies
Consuming a delicious dinner may render immense satisfaction; all the joys and satisfaction get
diminished when you feel the heartburn due to the acid splash into the esophagus. Commonly
known as the GERD disease or acid reflux, this is not considered to be a fatal disease, but in the
long run, it can certainly throw the life out of gear. Moreover, the anxiety, discomfort, and the
burning pain associated with it, make life terrible. However, there is nothing to worry. The Best
Acid Reflux Remedies are easily available. The medications can be bought and consumed
without any hassles. However, most people appear to fight the disease using the home
remedies. And, there is no reason why one should head towards the clinics or chemists when
the home remedies for acid reflux can help them conveniently get rid of it.
Home remedies for treating acid reflux
The acid reflux may at time make you feel uncomfortable and restless, but the good news is
that you can control it without tripping to a pharmacy. There are lot many acid reflux home
treatment remedies available. And, if you are not well familiar with the home remedies for acid
reflux, you can reap great benefits from the remedies mentioned below:
Warm water & lemon juice: If you suffer from acid reflux every now and then, you can
get rid of it by consuming a cup of fresh lemon juice and warm water 15-20 minutes
before taking food. It is, in fact, a great digestive aid and it is safe for anyone and
Apple cider vinegar: Taking 1 or 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar daily can help you
reduce the chances of acid reflux occurrence. For better taste, you can mix it with
Aloe Vera juice: Aloe Vera is well known for its medicinal features. Drinking at least two
ounces of aloe Vera juice regularly can prove to be very effective in warding off acid
reflux. It is considered to be one of best acid reflux remedies. However, it is advisable
that you consume the unprocessed aloe Vera juice.
Red apple: You may not like the food items that don’t taste great, but you would surely
love to fight acid reflux by eating apple. After all, who wouldn’t be happy to enjoy the
delicious fruit and remedy the disease simultaneously?
Baking soda: Most people may not really like the taste of the baking soda, but when it
comes to remedying acid reflux, it is one of the most trusted and best acid reflux
remedies. You can dissolve a tablespoon of baking soda in a cup of water and drink it.
Raw almonds: The raw almonds are known for their alkaline contents and you can get
relieve from acid reflux as it balances the pH level in your body.
Though, it is quite easy to remedy acid reflux using the Acid Reflux Home Treatment Remedies,
it is advisable to avoid the food items that can cause acid reflux. The fatty and spicy food items
escalate the chances of acid reflux and it is wise to control one’s temptation and keep away
from them.
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