Computer Lab Proposal

Incarnation Catholic Academy Computer Lab Proposal:
To make a welcoming environment for all students to improve technology integration and
increase student computer utilization by establishing a new lab consisting of 36 Chromebooks, software,
36 iclickers, 2 Bluetooth printers and ink, 2 3D printers and ink, all new furniture (desks, chairs and
alternative seating), and power strips/extension cords. With the help of these materials teachers will be
able to provide differentiation for all students, create an equitable learning environment, increase active
learning and allow students to work at their own level and pace.
It is our common vision that every student Incarnation Catholic Academy can be provided
excellent technology-related instruction. For our students to be successful now and in the future, we
must continue to grow professionally and consider technology in every aspect of the curriculum, not as
a separate entity. Establishing a new computer lab equipped with challenging software and internet
access will provide our students to be more than just literate with technology but to gain mastery of
basic computer applications such as Microsoft office and Google Apps. With the knowledge of these
computer applications our school will produce a 21st century learners that are innovated thinkers.
Software: Microsoft Office School: $1,000
iClickers: $1,080
2 Bluetooth Printers: $1,100 from best buy
Ink stock for printers: $500
2 3D Printers: $800
Filaments for 3D Printers (ink): $1000
New Desks: $8,000
New Chairs: $4,000
Alternative Seating: $1,500
Electrical accoutrement: $2,000
Total: ~$21,000
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