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[email protected] | 2417 Hwy 215, Buffalo, MO 65622
February 5th, 2018
Mr. Rob Royalty
Thomas-Fay-Custer Public Schools
P.O. Box 190
Thomas, OK 73669
Dear Mr. Royalty:
I am interested in your opening for an Agricultural Education instructor at Thomas-Fay-Custer Public Schools.
I am currently student teaching at El Reno Public Schools and will be graduating from Oklahoma State
University in May 2018. Upon graduation, I will be receiving my certification and be ready to begin with my
As you can see by the enclosed, I have a strong background in animal science, livestock production, and
livestock judging. After discussing this opportunity with Mr. Bilderback and Mr. Kurt Murray, I feel this
opportunity presents a good fit with my background and interests. Mr. Kliewer comes highly recommended for
his classroom management and leadership activities, presenting me an opportunity to work with and learn from
his experiences as I enter this great profession.
During this semester, I have been working on developing my classroom instruction style by leading the
Agricultural Science I and Horticulture classes. As the semester progresses I will delve into both Agricultural
Communications and Agricultural Mechanics. This opportunity has provided me time to learn how to fit my
methods to individual needs within the classroom setting. I have also worked with students on learning
speeches, oral reasons, and plant identification.
Through my experiences so far, I have learned to adjust my teaching style to offer a positive learning
environment in a manner that’s agreeable to all students. I hope to bring the same style and environment to
your school.
Please feel free to call me at any time to further discuss this opportunity. I look forward to hearing from you
Dylan Murray
Dylan Murray
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