Checks and Balances
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Use the chart on the back of this paper to answer the questions about checks and balances. Use Legislative, Executive, or Judicial on the space provided to
answer what branch of the U.S. government can check the other two branches.
1. ____________________ can veto a law passed by Congress
2. ____________________ can declare laws unconstitutional
3. ____________________ nominates judges to the Supreme Court
4. ____________________ can override a presidential veto with a 2/3 majority vote
5. ____________________ can reject presidential nominations to the Supreme Court
6. ____________________ may ask Congress to come together for a talk in certain situations
7. _____________________ may declare executive actions unconstitutional
8. _____________________ may reject treaties
9. _____________________ may propose constitutional amendments to overrule judicial decisions
10. _____________________ may impeach the president
11. _____________________ may withhold funding for presidential initiatives
12. _____________________ may impeach Supreme Court justices
In one paragraph (5-7 sentences) explain how the system of checks and balances contribute to the common good (what’s best for the people).
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