timekeeping system

Chapter 1
Online reservation system is a thing that is widely popular right now.
Everything can be reserved through the internet, from hotels, flights and now even
cars. This is just one evidence that proves how powerful technology is and how far
it came.
CFK Car Rental was established in May 2014 in San Narciso, Zambales and
catered car renting services since then. They are managing 9 vehicles that is
available for rental by customers with different needs for a day or even for a month.
CFK Car Rental and their customers are tied with an agreement that may cause a lot
of inconvenience because some customer don’t follow rules and regulations
provided by CFK. Furthermore, the beneficiary written down the information of
vehicles on a board and the information of customers, together with their valid id in
a booklet. The way how the beneficiary handles data is prone to loss and damage
considering that sensitive information about their customers are included.
As a solution to the beneficiary’s problems, the researchers developed an
Online Vehicle Reservation System. The website provides information about the
vehicles where the customers can choose based on what they need. Customers can
reserve their chosen vehicle through the website and it will require them to insert
their basic information such as their full name, permanent address, contact number
and the duration of the rental. Reserved cars will be automatically remarked
unavailable or reserved and can’t be reserved by others, in this way, overlapping of
rental concerning the same car will be eliminated.
The proposed system will give CFK Car Rental an advantage to their field as
it will lessen the human errors they encounter in general. This will help them to face
their future needs as a business.
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