Research-Backed Reasons Why Massage Is A Means To Revival, Not Luxury

Research-Backed Reasons Why Massage Is A
Means To Revival, Not Luxury
Self-Care; this is a pretty popular topic these days and with a good reason. This
holds equal importance to our health as regular exercising and good nutrition has.
Self-care works perfectly in increasing positive thinking, improving our immunity,
making us less prone to stress, anxiety, and depression.
But the main question that strikes in our mind is how to make self-care a daily
practice? One best answer to this question is taking a relaxing massage therapy
from the professionals. In simple words, home massage service in Dubai is the
right way to keep your body “tuned up” while bringing all the stress levels down. It
does not always be thought of as a luxury splurge, it is actually a key pillar of
wellness. Below are the major aches that can be treated through a massage
Workout and athletic pain - Sports massage is best for this type of pain.
This type is not only beneficial for workout recovery, but also helps in
avoiding sports-related injuries. Its benefits also include enhanced athletic
performance, decreased fatigue and stiffness after exercise, reduced muscle
hypertonicity and many more.
Migraine - Taking a professional massage therapy in Dubai is also beneficial
in reducing the throbbing in our heads. This is, in fact, a perfect way to
ease muscle tension in neck, shoulders and, jaw which is actually at the
route of many “cervical” headaches.
Stress and anxiety issues - Cortisol is a kind of hormone released by the
adrenal glands and is our body’s main stress hormone. This therapy is
extremely fruitful in reducing the cortisol levels in the blood up to 30% in
just a single session.
Sleep problems - This relaxing technique helps people spend more time in
deep sleep, the curative stage in which the body is hardly in motion, which
lessens the neurotransmitter associated with pain. Massage therapies offer
proven facts of boosting the serotonin levels in the human body, which in
turn assists in inducing sleep.
Much like regular exercising, massage therapies keep our immune system resilient
and strong. Also, the stress, tension, and pain that you feel all the time will lessen
after each massage. Therefore, put your health first by booking an appointment
with the best massage therapist and live a long and happy life.
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