02 QAQC Construction Presetation rev 3

1) Introduction, 2) Construction project failure prevention systems 3) QA/QC
Construction Quality Technical Support Team 4) What your customer Wants?05)
QA/QC Construction Consultant Technical Support 6) QA/QC Training Course7)
Quality Management System Procedures 8) Contact Details.
1) Introduction:
Let us help you provide your company with QA/QC (Quality Assurance Quality Control) Technical
support on your construction projects.
Our company site was set up to assist Investment Consortiums, Construction Companies/ Suppliers
and inspection personnel to become familiar with the ISO 9000:2000 (International Standards
organisation) and the implementation of this standard in the Construction, Petrochemical Oil /Gas
and Power industries. Sample construction procedures have been developed as a base, for project
implementation these can be obtained on our web site www.qaqcconstruction.com.
We specialize with the implementation of QA/QC Quality management systems on oil gas, power,
and infrastructure Construction projects, we can provide expert QA/QC (Quality Control, Quality
Assurance technical support). We can help your construction projects by immediately implementing
our benchmarked best practices and get your construction quality back on track
2) Construction project failure prevention systems:
Management, organisation conformity, documentation, examination processes.
3) QA/QC Construction Quality Technical Support Team:
We specialize in the following oil, gas, power, and infrastructure Construction projects.
Does your construction project fall into any of the following categories?
Your customer refusing to pay your submitted construction pay milestones due to
outstanding nonconformance reports defective workmanship.
Defective damaged nonconforming materials and machinery arriving at site delaying your
project schedule.
Losing your profit margins because of rework and defective workmanship.
No construction quality management system in place that identifies red flags and risk
Ongoing and significant customer complaints regarding lack of construction quality.
Excessive numbers of punch listed items that prevent your company from obtaining
mechanical completion, pre commissioning, and commissioning and project handover.
Non-compliant incoming material.
Consistent and numerous high welding repair rates resulting in loss of profit margins.
Failing to monitor excessive quality costs by implementing trend analysis in the
procurement, and construction phases.
Over budget and behind schedule.
Working in just in time management.
Paying your top construction managers high bonuses at the expense of applying
insufficient quality resources.
Removal from your customers approved suppliers list
4) What your customer
I. Organization:
QA/QC Project organization chart and resources to meet project objectives, job descriptions.
II. Quality Assurance Program:
Job descriptions, Engineering, Procurement, Construction QA Procedures, QC Procedures QA/QC
III. Design Control:
Constructability, 3D Model, HSE reviews Quality Standards, Project specifications, application of
materials, calculation (Applicable to Project Site).
IV. Procurement Document Control:
Verification of suppliers Quality Management systems and project QA/QC deliverables,
V. Instructions, Procedures, and Drawings:
Risk assess the type of quality management systems for individual projects and advise on the
implementation and customer approval status. As required set up project specific QA/QC
Procedures. This can be at the project tender.
VI. Document Control:
Verify QA procedure for drawing and document change control by audit or surveillance.
VII. Control of Purchased Material, Equipment, and Services:
Review suppliers Quality Management systems and QA/QC deliverables for compliance with
purchase order, coordinate QC inspections during the manufacturing process, coordinate nonconformances and rejections of supplied products. Coordinate pre inspection meetings and
conformance surveys.
VIII. Identification and Control of Materials, Parts, and Components:
Advise on material inspections at site, suppliers shop, material shipping, and material release
notes. Coordinate vendor inspections.
IX. Control of Special Processes:
Identify and advise on special processes in the of the project, welding, Non-destructive inspections
(Applicable to Project Site).
X. Inspection:
Verification of Quality Control inspection QC Check Sheets during the construction and
procurement manufacturing processes, compilation of as built records for mile stone payment.
Advise on Third Party inspection during the manufacturing and construction process, Implement
QA/QC plans.
XI. Test Control:
As above:
XII. Control of Measuring and Test Equipment:
Technical support, Quality Control Procedures for verification of inspection and test equipment.
Refer to www.qaqc-construction.com
XIII. Handling, Storage and Shipping:
Advise QC Procedures for control of material handling, Storage, and release and inspection of
materials. Refer to www. qaqc-construction.com.
XIV. Inspection, Test, and Operating Status:Advise on Quality Control Inspection and Test Plans in
the procurement and construction phases of the project to verify quality and identify risk. Report
and verify quality positive and negative trends. Refer to www. qaqc-construction.com.
XV. Nonconforming Materials, Parts, or Components:
Advise on the status of non-conforming products that do not conform to the project technical
specifications codes and standards, report as part of the project (Key Quality Indicators) for trend
analysis and Lessons Learned File.
XVI. Corrective Action:
QA/QC Technical support for the identification of nonconforming material in the procument,
construction phases of the project ensure corrective action is agreed, implemented and
investigated for cost and project delays.
XVII. Quality Assurance Records:
Technical support for the as-built condition of the project with regards to QA/QC records to ensure
quality, traceability and compliance to contractual project specifications and code, standard have
been obtained.
XVIII. Audit:
QAQC Technical support for the application and resolution of project audits in the ENGINEERING
PROCUREMENT CONSTRUION (EPC) stages of the project.
05) QA/QC Construction Consultant Technical Support
Quality Assurance Quality Control Technical Support
Construction Quality Management system technical support
Construction QA/QC Inspection documentation review
Assessment and auditing of subcontractors and venders
Construction QA/QC Plans and procedures
Project QA/QC Control workmanship and schedule delay
Coordination of inspection Third Parties
QA/QC Training technical support via QA/QC Web Site and Skype
Project technical QA/QC specification review
Project QA/QC tender reviews
QA/QC Risk coordination
QA/QC Lessons Learned programs
QA/QC Technical support to site construction contractors
QA/QC Purchase order review and compilation
Review of contractors and vendors project QA/QC deliverable
6) QA/QC Training Courses
Course Objectives:
The application of ISO 9001 in construction projects Application of the roles and responsibilities of project team members who are responsible for the acceptance, monitoring review of contractors, suppliers and service providers and their conformance to
Quality Management Systems.
This course will be emphasizing on – how these systems can be implemented in any
organization individually or in an integrated way and how quality system processes can
be used to identify out of control projects. This course will cover evolution, concepts,
definitions, model, approach, documentation, tracking, bench marking and the identification of best industrial practices.
Who Should Attend?
Supply chain management professionals, businesses managers, construction personnel QA/QC engineers and manager’s quality, engineer’s, officers from oil & gas, construction, manufacturing, service companies, university students Organizations who
are intending to develop implement and obtain ISO 9001 certification.
Quality Management System Procedures
Quality Management Constructio
Contact Details: England
QAQC Construction Com
Bowsey Wood Farm
Main Road
Crewe CW1 9DQ
Telephone 0044 01270 256 242
email [email protected]
web site qaqc-construction.com
Skype contact happyhouse45
Contact Details: Iran
Faraz Aliaj Sepanta (Eng.Co.) contact details:
Rahim Moradi, CEO and President
Commercial ID No.: 411455564434
Apart. 3, No. 676, Donyamali Street, Phase 1, Andisheh New Town, Tehran, Iran.
P.O. Box No.: 3354461604
Tel.: +98 21 65579115
Fax: +98 21 65515870
Mobile: +98 912 3390655
Website: www.farazaliaj.com
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