SBI 3U - Plants Quiz

/15 marks
Quiz: Plants - Anatomy, Structure and Function
1. List three (3) tropisms. What stimulus is a plant responding to for each tropism? (3 marks)
What is the name of the plant hormone that controls fruit ripening?
a) auxin
c) ethanol
b) methylene
d) ethylene
3. Where do plants get the minerals they need?
a) taking their daily gummi Flintstone vitamins
b) rocks, soil, and fertilizers
c) rocks, atmosphere, and water
d) bears, beets, battlestar galactica
4. What is an NPK value? Where are they typically found? (2 marks)
5. What is the purpose of a stomata? When do they open? (2 marks)
6. What is xylem composed of and what is its purpose? (2 marks)
7. What is the difference between monocot and dicot stems? (1 mark)
8. What are the two types of stems discussed in class? (1 mark)
9. What are nitrogen, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus used for by plants? (2 marks)