Disney Theory 2.0

Disney Theory
A. History of Disney
B. Appearances of Disney characters
C. Connections between Disney movies
History of Disney
1. Walt Disney arrived in California in the summer of 1923 with a lot of hopes. He
had made a cartoon in Kansas City about a little girl in a cartoon world, called
Alice’s Wonderland, and he decided that he could use it as his pilot film to sell a
series of these “Alice Comedies” to a distributor. Soon after arriving in California,
he was successful. A distributor in New York, M. J. Winkler, contacted Disney to
distribute the “Alice Comedies” on October 16, 1923, and this date became the
start of the Disney company. Originally known as the Disney Brothers Cartoon
Studio, with Walt Disney and his brother, Roy, as equal partners, the company
soon changed its name, at Roy’s suggestion, to the Walt Disney Studio.
2. In 1937, the Walt Disney Studios released its first fully animated feature film,
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It cost $1.488 million to make this movie.
3. Disneyland was founded on July 17, 1955.
Appearances of Disney Characters
1. On Ariel’s wedding, The King and The Grand Duke, from Cinderella, are guests.
2. Rapunzel and her husband Flynn Rider appear on Anna’s coronation day, which
connects Frozen to Tangled. Pinocchio from Pinocchio and Aurora’s spindle from
Sleeping Beauty makes appearances in Tangled.
3. In the film Hercules, it’s shown that Hercules is removing a lion’s skin from his
face, which appears to be the skin of Scar from The Lion King.
Connections Between Disney Movies
1. The Little Mermaid incorporates a scene that shows how Ariel’s mother died. She
died in a lagoon by a sudden pirate ship appearing and crashing into her. One of
the mermaids, Peter Pan’s friend, looks just like Ariel’s mother, Athena, who had
the same red hair and tail. The mermaids from Peter Pan were afraid of Captain
Hook most of all. In the second movie about Ariel, we find out that a malicious
pirate killed Athena. So, we can assume that Captain Hook killed Ariel’s mother.
2. King Triton is the father of Ariel. He is the son of Poseidon. Poseidon is the
brother to Zeus. Since Ariel is related to Zeus, then Hercules, son of Zeus, is
Ariel’s cousin.
3. Ariel encounters a sunken ship in the ocean with a similar appearance to the
sunken ship that Anna and Elsa’s parents traveled on. Anna and Elsa’s parents
have similar features to Tarzan’s parents which indicates that they did not die on
the ship that sunk, but instead traveled to a nearby island saving themselves and
their newborn child. This connects The Little Mermaid, Frozen, and Tarzan.
A. History of Disney
B. Appearances of Disney characters
C. Connections between Disney movies
D. As Scar once said, “I am surrounded by idiots.” You are now educated on the
Disney theory. And because of that I can finally say that I disagree with Scar.
Thank you.
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