Listen to the song and fill in the
missing verbs in the correct form.
1. Who is the speaker in the song? Is he old/young,
happy/sad? Describe him.
2. Where does the situation take place? When?
Prove it with the words from the song.
3. Which main grammar tense is used in the song?
What does it say about the things speaker does?
4. Write down five verbs that are used in the song for
more than twice. How does it influence the tone of
the song?
Words and Expressions
Watch another music video for this song.
Find THREE things that are
different from the first
music video.
Which video, in your
opinion, helps you in better
understanding of the song?
Why? Explain.
Words and Expressions
Choose TWO words/expressions and explain them.
I’m hanging around
change my point of view
I miss the power
there’s a heavy cloud inside my head
desert of joy
I’ll get another toy
all that I can see is just a yellow lemon tree
1. In your opinion, what does the “yellow
lemon tree” symbolize?
2. What is this song about?
3. Did you like the song? Why/why not?
4. What would you advice the speaker?
Write a paragraph telling him your
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