Ch2 Child Dev.

1. Do you see this as an example of infant education? Explain your view.
I do feel like this situation is an example of infant education. The caregiver was respectful of
the child’s space, asking her if she was okay, explaining to the child what had happened in a
short simple matter, offers to help, inspects the child, all the while still respecting the child’s
space, and lets the child go on her way independently, and supported the child by saying you
did it all by yourself, and let the child problem solve by letting the child walk through what had
just happened in her head, and offering help, even though the caregiver was denied, and
letting the child pick the bike back up and going on her way.
2. What if the parent had watched this and become uncomfortable that the caregiver was so
standoffish? What might you have said to the parent if you had been the caregiver?
If the parent had a problem with the situation and came to me with her concern, I would have
walked the parent through with what had just happened. Letting her know the reasoning as to
why I did what I did, why I was stand offish but still by the childs side, while I asked simple
caring questions, and while I let the child problem solve, and be play with what had just
happened to where the child was able to get up, and dust herself off independently and help
her build confidence.
3. Why might the parent have been uncomfortable?
The parent might have been uncomfortable because their child just fell and got hurt, and the
first instinct if the parent is to hold confront and kiss the wounds.
4. Do you have a different idea about how the caregiver should have handled this situation?
I agree with how the caregiver handled the situation, I also think that if the child was in more
pain, or was more injured I think that the caregiver wouldn’t have been standoffish, and I would
have been a different situation.
5. What would you have done and why?
I think the only different thing I would have done, would have picked the bike up myself, and if I
am being 100% honest I would have told the child to next time use the pedals, and explain why
using the pedals would have maybe prevented the fall.
6. Is this a problem you would try to prevent if you were the caregiver? If yes, how? If no, why
They only thing I would do to try to prevent the situation would be to give reminders of using
the pedals, and not going to fast etc.