McDonald is a very well established organization. The success of the McDonald is
completely based on the extensive research of the market internal and external forces. It has
done research on the people behavior of specific country, on their culture, buying power and
social issue. McDonald has paid special attention on the location of the business, its interior and
exterior outlook and types of technologies it going to use to get the maximum production at
short time. The most important thing which it focused on was the quality and the market forces
which directly affect the business.
Operations strategies play a very important role in achieving organizational goals. By
using these strategies an organization controls and maintains all of its operations. So these
should make after a comprehensive marketing analysis according to capabilities and resources
of an organization. So in order to maintain or to improve more about the company the operation
manager should take a step and search what they lack of. As we observe while we visit the
McDonalds here in Gaisano Mall, Iligan City we come up to this to give suggestions as a
student and as a customer of McDonalds.
1. Kitchen Layout. As we observe their kitchen layout, we saw that their kitchen is small
where their employee can’t move properly and where sometimes in a busy hour,
especially during lunch, they bump each other because of the space of the kitchen. So
as a student and observant we’re also frustrated while we’re watching them. And we
confirm it as well to one of our friend who working in McDonalds in Gaisano Mall. So if
the manager will work for this matter it might increase their productivity during busy hour
and less stress and struggle. Because we believe that the good environment can make
the employee move properly without any worries and it also less stress.
2. Motivation. If we’re the operation managers/managers of this company of course I will
comfort my employees or my co-workers because this one of my job to know more about
them. Motivation gives you a reason “WHY”. If someone is working without purpose
rather than working toward something, they are bound to lose motivation. After all, why
shouldn’t they? On the other hand though, a purpose will make any task easier to
accomplish. Think about being given a boring task; it would be easier to suffer through
this if it was part of a bigger, more interesting project instead of just a meaningless task.
And motivated people are more engaged. Yes, if you are motivated about what you are
doing, you are going to be more engaged. If you aren’t motivated, you won’t be nearly as
engrossed in your work and won’t pay as close of an eye to it. There are two main ways
this is crucial. For repetitive work or tasks, this means that you will be more attentive to
detail, making you more detail-oriented and thoughtful of the task at hand. In addition if
your co-worker are more motivated, they’re more emotionally and mentally present
which this will make them more focused and they will pay an attention to their job which
they it can affect to their performance. If they face their customer with a great smile it will
make a multiplier effect or domino effect. They will get good feedback not just their
products but also about their service. Because as we observe to their rival opponent,
their employees are more cheerful and more jolly people which the customer make feel
comfortable and it will make them feel at home which is good. In customer view, they’re
coming back to the restaurant not just the quality of the food but also the quality of the
service of crew of the restaurant.
3. Job Enrichment. Job enrichment is what we call a management concept that involves
redesigning jobs so that they are more challenging to the employee and have less
repetitive work. We highly recommend that they should have a “job enrichment” which
the employee will benefit of it as well as the organization because what the employee
performance will reflect to the organization. So it is a domino effect, they will benefit
each other. If the employee will got workshop, seminars related to their job they will learn
more and make improve their performance. The manager should handle with this matter.
If the employee will enhance more his/her knowledge about their respective job, it will
affect of course their performance. In job enrichment they can learn new skills which it
might lead them for promotion and then again, it may motivate them more to work hard
for the company. If the employee is more determined and more of knowledge of their
work, it might make them easier to interacts problems in the organization. And job
enrichment creates positive and better working environment. Providing job enrichment to
your co-worker can be beneficial for the growth of the company.
4. Maintenance of the machines/equipment. It is really important to daily check the
machines or equipment that you’ll use especially if your company is really a “boom” to a
customer. One of the issue that we observe when we visit the said company, we
observe that their machines is not working or it might easily broke. We always countered
this kind of situation especially the machines that makes CokeFloat (one of their
products) is always not available due to is not working. So we suggest that this kind of
situation, the manager should take a step about this issue because it might affect their
relationship towards the customer. Yes that time we transfer to Jollibee just to drink
Coke with ice cream. They should upgrade their technology so that they will not be
behind to their competitors. A company should always be updated especially in
technology because technology nowadays is really important. Technology makes people
life easy.
5. Advertisement. We know this day that what we see in T.V or in social media makes us
feel that product is the trend in this day. We recommend this to entire McDonalds store
especially here Philippines because their competitors take the advantage of the
technology nowadays. They’re using the mass media, social media to introduce their
product and their company as well. We the consumers always go to what is trend
nowadays. So in order to compete to their competitors the company should find their
way of course not the same with other. They should also go the flow what trends
nowadays. If they dominate the mass media or social media, they will be able to connect
to the people and much easier to introduce the product they have and their company.