Quality Management and Process Improvement - Second Exam Tutorial

Quality Management and Process Improvement - Second Exam Tutorial
Q3) AAAA Software Ltd is a software company that specializes in development of
custom-made billing systems for the manufacturing industry. The last quarter’s
performance report indicates a decline in service quality. This issue was
identified by the following four help desk quality metrics (Table 1):
 Percentage of recurrent calls: the percentage of customer’s site calls that required a
recurrent call to deal with a defect supposedly solved by the prior call.
 Average reaction time to customer’s site calls (working days).
 Average hours invested in customer’s site calls, including travel time.
 Customer satisfaction computed from a quarterly customer satisfaction questionnaire,
using a scale from 0–10.
The CAPA team decided that each member would prepare his own list of possible
causes for the decline in the quality of services before an analysis of the collected
information was begun.
(1) Analyze the given case based on the data given below.
(2) List possible causes for the recorded issue. (2 Pts)
(3) Specify possible solutions (corrective actions) for each of the causes proposed
in (2). (3 Pts)