Advanced Higher Chemistry Investigation Checklist Name:_______________ The investigation is worth 25 marks= 20% of your overall grade. 1. Presentation (3 marks)-deduct 1 mark for each point missed (a) Title page with a title, candidate’s name, number and the name and number of the centre. (b) Contents page and numbered pages (c) Brief summary (after contents) stating the aim(s) and overall findings. (d) Layout order: Introduction, procedures, results and discussion. (e) References (min 3) and in the correct manner (​referred to in text and conclusion​). (f) Acknowledgements (g) Report is clear and concise (2000-2500 words/​past tense​/​impersonal voice​. 2. Introduction (4 marks) (a) Relevant background information to set the investigation in context. (b) The underlying theory for the procedures and the chemistry is given e.g. if your project is about Vitamin C (the chemistry) and you are using Colorimetry (procedure) you should discuss the chemistry of Vitamin C and the theory of Colorimetry and how it can be used to determine the Vitamin C content. Re-state your aims at the end of the introduction 3. Procedures (6 marks) (a) The procedures are appropriate. (b) The procedures are clearly described with sufficient detail so that the experiments could easily be ​repeated by another pupil​. Labelled diagrams are shown. (c) 2 or more procedures/modification of experiments as a result of a problem/control experiments – ​a clear statement required (d) Accuracy of measurements (e) Duplication of experiments​ and sample size appropriate: make a clear statement about how you did all experiments twice. 4.Results (5 marks) (a) Results are relevant/raw data presented (e.g. for your titration tables, you MUST show all titration results-not just the average-and the starting and finishing volumes)/within limits of accuracy of measurement (b) Appropriate tables(with headings and units)/graphs (labelled and legible)/diagrams (if appropriate)and calculations ( sample calculations must be shown) (c) Observations detailed and suitably recorded 5. Discussion (7 marks) (a) The conclusions relate to the aims i.e. answer your initial aims (b) The conclusions are correct for the results presented (c) Evaluation of procedures​. The following points are ​discussed/addressed​: (i) Accuracy of measurement: readings from apparatus are shown to the correct decimal place (ii) Adequate replication (iii) Adequate sampling (iv) Adequate controls (v) Sources of error If you had problems​: (vi) The way in which problems encountered were dealt with. (vii) The way in which procedure were modified in light of (vi) (Highlight positives) (d) Evaluation of results​. The following points are ​discussed/addressed​: (i) Analysis and interpretation of the results: what the results mean! (ii) An account is taken into errors described and how they could affect the conclusion. (iii) Suggestions for further work Subjective (overall impression of the discussion) 
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