1-Group Profile Template 3 trainees (2)

Group Profile
The first group of trainees are composed of teachers and technicians, the teachers are engineering teachers and
the technicians are electrical as well as mechanical, the field of their work is vocational teaching and their
interest is to gain skills in the field of operation and maintenance of CNC machines.as this is one of the course
they deal with in their WPL.
The programming of the CNC machine has diversity and differences in some aspects however the CNC language
are common between most of the machines in the market and their interest is in learning the basics of G codes
and implement them on a machine.
The trainers are interested of the simple operational parameters of the machine at their WPL and wanted to
learn skills in the operation and programming of the CNC machine.
Aim :
To gain skills in the operation and simple maintenance of the CNC machine and be able to develop and run a
simple CNC program on the lathe /milling machine using the G, and N Codes.
 Describe the main features of CNC machines
 Understand and apply basic CNC programs
 Operate and monitor a CNC machine
 Perform operational maintenance of CNC machine/equipment
Objective :
The main objective of the training session are
1- The trainee will be trained on the proper programming related to CNC lathe machine
2- Carry out some operational maintenance of the lathe machine
3- Able to develop a simple Turning Program
4- Abel to select the operation Parameters
5- Run simulation on the CNC program
6- Run the interference between the CNC computer and CNC lathe machine
Procedures :
 As the course materials are in general the training will be modified to the CNC machine in workplace
and all the training will be on using this machine.
The trainee has a back ground about the operation of lathe and milling machines and they need to
combine those skills and use them on CNC machine.
The training will be designed as to give brief introduction of the machining process and relate this to the
CNC machine in hand to gain the required skills
The vocabulary used will be technical as they have back ground and can understand the terms used
Each trainer will be asked to develop a simple turning program using G, and N codes of CNC language
The trainee will run a simulation on the computer and when its ok they will run a real turning one on the
work piece
The trainee will be asked to carry out simple operational maintenance after completion of the turning
All the safety precaution and regulation will be followed