Acid Reflux and the best way to prevent it

Acid Reflux and the best way to prevent it
What is Acid Reflux?
Our stomach has a wonder muscle called as lower oesophageal sphincter (LES) which protects our food
pipe from acid. This muscle is situated at the entrance of the stomach and is tasked with keeping the belly
tightly closed. In ordinary cases, the sphincter closes the stomach as soon the foods have passed through
it. But, under certain circumstances this muscle fails to function properly and remains open or opens up
too often allowing the acid inside the stomach to percolate and reach the esophagus. This expelled acid
damages the tissues of esophagus and leads to different symptoms such as sensations of burning in the
chest which is commonly known as heartburn. If such symptoms happen frequently, then it is very likely
you suffering from acid reflux disease called as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).
What are the causes of acid reflux?
There are multiple acid reflux causes which you might not be aware of, but unknowingly form a part of
your routine:
Eating large meals
consuming excessive coffee or caffeinated products
lying down right after a meal
Eating snacks right before going to bed
drinking alcohol and other carbonated beverages such as soda
Eating foods such as onions, garlic, tomatoes, citrus fruits, fatty foods, spices, fried foods
lying on your back after eating a heavy meal
acid reflux pregnancy
How to prevent acid reflux?
Balance your Hydrochloric Acid Levels
HCL in the stomach reduces the chances of heartburn to a great extent. When your body naturally
produces more amounts of Hydrochloric acid, it scales down your chances of having a heartburn or acid
reflux. The best way to increase the production of this acid is to consume high quality sea salt with your
meals. Cheaper salts would not be effective as they lack chloride and minerals and will do more harm in
the long run.
Keep your Diet on Control
Avoid eating fatty foods, fried foods, packaged drinks, spicy foods, alcohol, beef, fish, and citrus fruits
will cause harm to your oesophagus. Consume more of alkaline foods which can neutralise the effects of
acidic foods and maintain the pH balance in the body. Add more and more Eat more fruits and vegetables
in your diet. Avoid eating citrus fruits and packaged juices as they trigger acid reflux which may cause
oesophageal cancer.
Maintain a healthy weight
Obesity increases your risk of suffering from GERD and acid reflux. Being overweight will pose greater
danger to experience frequent heartburn, reason being that extra pounds put a lot of pressure on LES
(lower oesophageal sphincter) as a result of which the acid from the stomach goes up the oesophagus. It
will weaken the muscle and augment the risk of digestive problems.
Quit drinking
Alcohol is a big factor splashing up the acid to the oesophagus from the stomach. Reduce your
consumption and see the reduction in your effects of acid reflux. Alcohol tends to weaken the LES and
thereby increases the risk of having acid reflux.
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