Assimilation is the ability to enter a state of mind that allows you to become and experience something other than your
There are four common areas to use assimilation with ...
1. Humans 2. Animals 3. Plants 4. Inanimate objects
Using assimilation. you can learn through direct experience and if used consistently, this technique will enhance your awareness
ten-fold. With consistent practice, assimilation will introduce a form of psychic reading and what is known as M-Pathing, an ability to
empathically feel another’s true emotions.
Begin by assimilating a friend - visualization is the key as you begin learning this ability. All of your visualized actions should be like
your friends. The way you talk, feel and move your body should reflect their mannerisms. In essence you should feel like a clone
of your friend. You should feel and experience how the world affects and relates to them. This is similar to what actors call “method
acting” although this focused method creates a much higher experience. Here is a short step by step method of how to initialize a
connection. (1f opportunity arises, it is acceptable to have the person in your presence.)
Visualize the person in your mind from head to toe,
Create a perfect “life size” rendition of them in front of you within your mind.
(If your visualization ability is Jacking, do not allow this to distract you. Instead, keeping your eyes closed;
create the “feeling” of the person as if they were in front of you.)
Visualize yourself merging into their body and focus on their breathing pattern which should be normal and steady.
Then focus your concentration on what you experience their personal feelings to be. (In other words, sense if they feel confident or insecure, solid or frail, motivated or lethargic, pride or humility, sadness, anger or joy. These are common feelings of emotional presence. Do not confuse them with random or specific emotions.)
Once you have secured these areas mentioned, visualize circumstances in which the person would have to react and feel their emotional changes during each situation,
You then may experiment in all areas.
TIP: Another effective method to initialize assimilation is to start by stereotyping the individual. Take into consideration whom you
inform of this ability as most people will a feeling of violation and hold inner resentment and eventually distance themselves from
you. Also you are likely to make discoveries about people that you were not aware of at first, be prepared to be open minded.
Learning this technique is not to judge but to experience and grow as a person.
Do the same as the above, but anticipate ‘other-then-human’ ways of thinking. Animals, as research shows, have very broad
instinctual emotions but physiologically they lack the capability for human level intelligence. Thus, they are not as mentally developed
as humans which is why their thoughts will feel different to you. Example: a horse in a storm may be uncomfortable yet will not have
the rationality to take itself into the barn. When I have assimilated animals, You have taken a greater interest in experiencing the
definition of body and their strengths and weaknesses or to see through their eyes. Such as wide vision or an eagles eyes having
telescopic ability but normal vision circular. Cats having additional night vision Etc.
Inanimate Objects:
This includes couches, chairs, stoves, anything really. At first you may be a bit bewildered at the concept of experiencing a nonliving thing, but keep in mind you are made of energy. As energy we may experience all things of matter. When I experience myself
as a piece of furniture, I do not experience sight, warmth or sound but I experience touch and shape. I make sure to conform to its
structure, which is usually inanimate. For example, if you assimilate a couch, and someone were to sit on it, you would experience
the pressure. structure change and the effort to support their body weight.
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