Interior Design compare Art Nouveau and Craftsman

Name: Lydia Burns
Class: Interior Design
March 19th 2018
Assignment: Compare examples of Art Nouveau and the Arts and Crafts Movement. Find 4 examples of each
style. State designer, application and brief analysis. Finish by comparing and contrasting the two styles.
stairwell, Tassel House
Art Nouveau
directly opposed to the traditional architectural values of
reason and clarity of structure.
Lots of curvaceous shapes that are subordinate to all other
elements like form, texture, space, and color.
Art Nouveau
for the World’s Fair. Organic, linear rhythm, creating a fusion
between structure and ornament.
Art Nouveau
Art Nouveau- decorative patterns that could be used in all art
forms. Typical decorative elements include leaf and tendril
motifs, intertwined organic forms.
Arnold Inyongrun
Stained Glass
Art Nouveau
William Morris
Arts and Crafts Movement
Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co (Morris and Co) made
household furnishings of the highest quality
Organic motifs like Art Nouveau but usually more earthy
Greene and Greene
Gamble Chairs in Gamble House
Arts and Crafts Movement
Detailed woodworking including graceful curves.
Tremendous use of redwood because it was a readily
available resource in California.
Greene and Greene
Wood Capital Columns
Arts and Crafts Movement
Japanese influenced craftsman techniques with unique wood
joining methods like strapping, mortise and tenon, dovetails,
tongue and groove, and inlays.
Greene and Greene
Stained Glass Hanging Light Fixture.
Arts and Crafts Movement
Exposed timbers influenced by Tutor style. Blending of
wood and glass, readily available materials and two products
that can show off hand crafting techniques.
Both styles have nature as their major motif and influence. Art Nouveau takes on a light, more whimsical flare with
ubiquitous use of rot iron. Craftsman, or Arts and Crafts style, has a sturdier, more solid look with dark redwoods
being the favored material. Both emphasis light through colored stained glass, even on non-natural light sources.
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